Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Over caring problem

There's a problem with being too over caring. It's like you would always want to make the person feel better or feel happy all the time. You always want to give and continuously give, you always wonder what is the person thinking, what are they doing when you don't see them or if the person is happy or sad today. I realised that my over caring actions are out of control most of the time and I am not sure if it's a good thing or care too much. I realised not everyone can tolerate with it. It can either make them feel loved or it can just freak the shit out of them. Sometimes I wonder how did I end up being too over-caring...but I guess I've always been since I was young, like I've always been very selfless in a lot of things. Always willing to give and never wanting anything in return. But too much of all these can or might ruin something that started out nice in the first place. I need to learn how to back out a little bit from time to time. I still hope my actions doesn't freak anyone out, just yet.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Fruity stuff

I wish I can paint more but now time is not exactly always by my side. But I still wish I can do this everyday. Anyway, just wanted to share this paintings I've done during the weekend. I am in love with this new watercolour paper that I bought not so long ago, thanks to my colleague for his recommendation on the paper :)

My long absence in this blog was due to a few reasons...but I think I'll write about it maybe in the next few days, depending on my mood and time haha. But I am really going to take a break from the blogsphere and might not be able to update a lot of things here. So do bear with me for another year till I finish my studies. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Handmade Market


I mentioned in my last post about me participating a bazaar for the first time's the news :) I will be one of the vendors at Handmade Market which will be held on this coming weekend (August 1st & 2nd) at Berjaya Times Square. Initially, the reason I wanted to participate this bazaar was so that I could sort-of do a report for my MA module assignment BUT...last night I finally received my formative assessment feedback from my tutor and it seems like I need to do some reshuffling on my ideas on my project. Funny I didn't go straight to depression mode right after I finished reading my tutor's feedback but I do know that I gotta add extra effort, time, focus and energy in the next 3 weeks before the final deadline. Just said a lil prayer before I went to sleep and just hope for the best. 

 I guess my assignment might not be that relevant to this bazaar anymore but it's okay Imma still do this :) So, if you're free and feel that you want to head down to KL this weekend, you're welcome to visit my booth cos I'll be there from morning till the closing time. I'll be selling art prints, postcards and flake stickers...all hand painted and designed by myself. If you like handmade art and craft, this will be the place for you to visit hehe. To be honest, I don't really know what to expect since it is my first time doing mom asked me last week, "What if nobody buys your stuff?" Well, at least I can gain some experience right? Anyway, if you're around KL this weekend and looking for handmade art & crafts, do drop by and come say hi! To be honest, I haven't been to Time Square in a long time so I don't really know who my target audience might be wish me luck and see you there!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Art Challenge #4

Art Challenge #4: Sea Creatures/Seafood

Been neglecting my assignments right after I submitted my work progress for formative assessment and decided to continue the art challenge instead :) Actually, I am feeling guilty now for not continuing my assignments cos deadline is in a month's time! Anyway, gotta continue doing it today. So Art Challenge number 4 topic is sea creatures/seafood. I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome andI felt like painting more sea creatures now. On the other note, I am also in the midst of preparing my first art bazaar! I decided to join in as a part of my assignment so that I can write a report about it but yeah, it's my first time and I'm very excited and also nervous about it especially when handling with money and people haha. If you don't already know, my math skills totally suck but I've asked my math genius cousin to be my helper during that day so fingers crossed that everything will work out fine. I shall update on  this bazaar again next week....wait for it.

On another note, today is BIGBANG's Made tour concert here in KL and unfortunately, due to financial issues and other commitments, I had to let this one go...kinda bumped that I won't be able to attend this concert cos they'll be performing their new songs and I REALLY wanna hear them perform 'If You' live (insert crying emoji). But I guess this video will do for now :( Have fun all you other VIPS! I just wanna say that Youngbae and Daesung's voice combined together in this song is giving me all the FEELS!

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Stuff to do

Been working on these two things for the whole week. Number one is my series of illustration for my studies and I actually have a formative assessment next week. Planning to complete 3 paintings but I only managed to do 2 1/2 so far...yikes. Looks like this weekend I'm gonna hustle and grind extra hard. I'm always thinking the worse as usual cos in my opinion, my tutors would probably not like 'amateur-ish' kind of paintings...well, I don't really know but I'm crossing my fingers to at least hear a positive feedback.  Number two, I've been writing a bunch of lettering stuff for an upcoming major college event that is gonna happen in a week's time and I was also asked to do a live hand lettering demo on the event day itself. Again, with my amateur hand lettering skills...I don't even know if I can do a really good demo or not. There'll be high school students with their parents around and...dang, the pressure of them seeing you write...not even sure I am well equipped and ready for this. 

Been sleeping late almost everyday just to practice and spend more time to complete my work and every morning, it's a struggle to wake up and make it on time to reach the office. In a way it's a good thing that I kept myself busy cos it kinda makes me not think about a current situation that I am in. Well, this situation has been going on for a REALLY long time and it just felt like I can't get away from it even if I tried so hard to do so. The other day, my colleagues were asking what happened my my swollen eyes when I reached the office and I just told them that it's because I've been sleeping late but the truth was I've been crying to sleep. Ah....I just don't know how many challenges/tests that God wants me to go through until it's finally over. Anyway, this is something inevitable that I have to go through, not only myself but my brother as well. Life's like that you  know, sometimes you can't do anything but to just move forward.  

How can the time move this fast is a question that I can't seem to find the answer for it. July will definitely be a busy month and also anothet month where money is still very tight, as usual haha.