Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Happy Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year! Just like all the previous years, I am back in my hometown again to celebrate CNY with everyone back home. As always, CNY in KK is definitely more quiet compared to the ones I celebrated in Tawau but it's still alright I guess. My mum can be super emotional whenever the CNY festive is on so she has her reasons not to go back to Tawau this year. Anyway, I hope you are having a good CNY celebration so far with your family and friends. My family was invited to a dinner by my aunt during CNY eve and I had a good time catching up with my aunt and her family. Dinner was a little 'odd' cos the was food a mixture of Asian and Western. My inner Asian self was like, "Where's the steamed chicken and steamed fish?" But nevertheless, it was all good. My uncle gave a lot of good life advices to me that night and I shall remember to put it into practice through my daily life :)

CNY Eve dinner.

Lion Dance performance at St. Michael's Church. Photo taken with my new Xiaomi Yi Action Cam.

Woke up super early the next day (6.00am to be exact) to attend the CNY mass in St. Michael's Church and watched the first lion dance performance for CNY this year. Obviously, I was also one of those people who get excited whenever there's a lion dance performance so I definitely had to watch it in a more closer view lol. Today was CNY Day 2 and my cousins and I were invited to Fred (who's my cousin Audrey's BF) open house. Fred's family was super nice and welcoming to all of us, I totally felt less awkward because of that haha. At 2pm, the lion dance troop came and delivered a pretty good performance. The troop came with few other additional 'props' like the monkey king, money God and the happy monk. Everyone basically took selfies with them when the lion dance performance was on a short break. I enjoyed myself today,  although I ended up with another massive migraine since I was standing under the sun most of the time watching the lion dance performance. Totally hate that migraine feeling but I am alright now. Thank you Fred for inviting us to your open house! 

Lions in vivid colours.

The aftermath.
Chinese New Year is definitely a season of togetherness where all family, relatives and friends gather at the same place to catch up with each other. Sure, as time goes by, things might change...but preserving the culture of togetherness is no doubt, very important especially being in a Chinese family. This also explains why those Petronas CNY TV commercials always emphasis the importance of being with your family. No matter how far you are, try to always come home. Okay, I think I am going off topic here haha. Here's wishing everyone a Blessed Lunar New Year and may the year of Monkey brings a lot of luck, blessing and prosperity to you. On the other note, I need to make use of this one week break to focus on my studies again *sigh* Something that I felt so reluctant to do since it's the holidays and all but I still have to do it!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

2015 recap

A little late to do this recap but as they say, better late than never :) I listed down 5 highlights in year 2015. There's definitely more but then, I wouldn't want to bore you with a freaking long list of five is just good enough!

1. Braces Off!
After wearing braces for 1 year 6 months...I officially took it off in May 2015 and the result was definitely very rewarding! In an odd way, I kinda miss wearing braces now even though I hate getting all the food stuck around lol. I had a very bad set of crooked teeth for years and I wondered why it took me so long to finally get it fixed. But hey, it's better late than never right? Now I can smile without having to think about that crooked two front teeth. Only problem is that I am a serious coffee/tea drinker hence my teeth is not sparkling white *sigh* 

Anyway, wearing braces does make you lose weight but in my case, I re-gained my weight again cos obviously I eat a lot over the past year -_- Wearing braces also does change your face structure. I don't really see it but all my colleagues seen the difference so I'm pretty sure it really does  :) I personally would say that it was a good decision for me to wear braces, especially when I have serious crooked teeth, even the dentist advised me to do so since crooked teeth is prone to get cavities easily. So glad I did it :)

Brace yourself (don't mind the pun lol) for the before and after photo of my teeth. 

Smilin' like a winner haha. Taken the day after I took my braces off.
 2. My 1st Art Bazaar.
Well, in all wasn't a success and I only earned enough to cover my transport expenses from my place to Berjaya Times Square for two days. I knew that there wasn't that much crowd that would be keen to buy artsy stuff in Berjaya Times Square, I mean I don't even visit that shopping mall very often. But, it was my first time and I thought why not just try right? Initially, doing this bazaar was to tie-in with my assignment for my MA study, since the plan didn't really worked out, I told myself to just give it a shot and see how it goes. It was actually a good experience for me to learn about this 'art bazaar' culture here in the Klang Valley. I met new people who has been in a bazaar scene more than me and they are very nice too! One seller who has a booth right next to me even bought me dinner on the last day of the bazaar :) I would love to do this again, but only when I am done with my studies and are able to produce more artworks. In the meantime, I'll just take my time to attend more art bazaars this year.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Twenty Sixteen

Happy New Year everyone! What do you know, it is already twenty sixteen and I hope everyone did get off with a great start. 2016 didn't came with a BANG for me cos the minute I am back to work, I have like insane amount of stuff to complete and not forgetting a formative submission for my studies that is supposed to due yesterday but because I had to change my research topic, I had no chocie but to start from zero again hence I wasn't able to submit everything on time. Thank God for an understanding tutor tho! Working till late everyday this week so I can finish up everything by next week. Gonna update soon with a recap of 2015 once I am done with all this shizz okay!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

This year's Christmas felt like some sort of 'test' for me to see if I could survive celebrating it all by myself here in the Peninsula, having none of my family members around. I gotta say, it is not really easy for me as I've shed some tears a couple of times albeit not extreme...but there were tears, just little ones haha. Alas, I did survived and you know what, it is not THAT bad after all. I am just glad that the telly was showing reruns of all Christmas episodes of Friends and that totally made my day during Christmas :)

Anyway, I guess celebrating this festive season alone did helped me to reflect on certain things...two things to be exact and I personally felt it's really important to have a realization about it even though it has been implemented every year during christmas. I realised how truly important being together with our family as they certainly bring joy and happiness at this time of the year. Last year, I wrote about how wish my own family will still be united as one like how it used to be back in those days. I know now, patching things back to how it used to seems quite impossible. I see so many friends who are spending their quality time with their family and you know, my heart sometimes is longing for that kind of feeling know, things doesn't work that way. But it is still so much better being in one roof with your parents and siblings during Christmas and just know that they're there, I think that is enough, for me. So many things had happened this year that I don't even know how many tears that I've shed because of my own family but I know that no family is beyond perfect. It's how we learn to forgive and try to find joy and happiness within each other that's more important. The best thing we can do is to constantly pray and not to lose hope with our own family. Which is why, I personally felt that no matter how much pain or hurt we go through, nothing beats being with home with family. 

Second realization was when I read an article from CNA where the Pope said that sadness is not allowed as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ. According to the Pope:
We cannot let ourselves be taken in by fatigue; sadness in any form is not allowed, even though we have reason to be with the many concerns and the many forms of violence which hurt humanity. Instead, the coming of the Lord must fill our hearts with joy.
Totally agree with what he said although it has been quite a 'challenge' for me not to feel sad as Christmas approaches haha. I guess it was because I kinda dread the day where I know I'll be spending Christmas alone, my MA study hasn't been going on the right track and my overthinking disorder has been acting up like crazy hence there wasn't much 'joy' in me the last 2 months or so. But this article definitely reminded me that there is no reason at all to be sad on Christmas. During the closing prayer on Christmas Day mass, the priest mentioned that today (Christmas) is a happy day. Go out and celebrate. That really put a smile on my face haha. There is nothing to be sad about when you know that you've received the best gift anyone could ask for; Jesus Christ. The Saviour, who has given so much love to us from the beginning, the one who forgives and died for our sins and the one who is always there for us in our happy and sad days. 

While it does feel lonely celebrating Christmas here, but I am glad to know that in some way or another, I did managed to find the joy and happiness during this festive season. Although it might not be much but well at least, I did not wail like a baby and be all depressed about not going home for Christmas haha. I survived the blue Christmas here :) Wishing each and everyone of you a Blessed Christmas and I also hope that you did managed to find love, joy, peace and happiness in your own special way. 

Dedicating this song for everyone who didn't manage to be home for Christmas. This song was sang beautifully by Lady Antebellum. I LOVE IT! Plus, this video made me cry because of the slide shows at the background :'(

Friday, December 18, 2015

Ordinary birthday

I think it really has come to my realization that as I get older, my birthday is gonna be just an ordinary day. The anticipation of 'celebrating' it seems to have or is slowly disappearing and just like that, it has become an ordinary day. This year is no difference too. But I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a big thank you for all my friends and family for their thoughtful birthday wishes. Just like every other year, I don't have the chance to celebrate my birthday with my family (what else is new, huh) but still I am very grateful to have good people around me here. Thank you to my colleagues for agreeing to have Bak Kut Teh with me haha. I know, it is so not a fancy place to go for a birthday celebration but hey, BKT is like comfort food during the rainy days no? Plus, I'm a pork lover so...BKT is the best choice lol. Thank you also to my another awesome colleague @suejan3 for asking the Wong Fu Pro guys to do a birthday shou tout to me. I seriously did not expect that and when she sent me the vid, I totally went into this fangirling mode lol...I know, I am way too old to do that but I've been a fan of their works for so many years now, them with Kevjumba and Nigahiga, the youtubers that I subscribed back in the days.

Thank you also to my BFF who called me at midnight and well, we ended up talking for close to one hour trying to update everything haha and our current interest with the k-drama, Oh My Venus :) It is all these little things that meant a whole lot to me now and although sometimes I always which I could have more of this and that but then again, it is more important to count our blessings than asking for more right? Ah...I'm in my early 30s now and sometimes it freaks me out to know that I am not 'that' young anymore haha. Gotta use a lot of anti-aging products now! But you know what, a student told me few months ago that I still look like I'm 25 years old lol. So...I guess that is a good thing? Anyway, thank you again! God bless.