Monday, June 22, 2015


I don't really know what I felt about Father's Day. It used to be something very special to me, but now...I just don't really know how I felt about it anymore. Looking at fathers hugging their children while making the peace sign during mass makes me yearn for the same thing. Hearing the commentator wishing the priests (Father) a Happy Father's Day makes me happy because I know that being a priest and having the passion to serve the Lord is a huge sacrifice. Thinking about Lord, our Father gave me a warm feeling in my heart knowing that He's up there always watching and listening to us. Receiving a call from my own father last night was a great surprise to me but his simple word of thanks was probably something that I've been wanting hear. Then, I could feel tears slowly streaming down from my eyes....and oddly, was playing Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry song at that time.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Art challenge #3

I've been wanting to do a galaxy painting but have never really tried it because I always thought the outcome is not gonna be great pffft. But I don't want my 'fear' to take over me lol so I painted not one but four (wtf so kiasu) types of galaxy and totally lovin' the outcome. This is actually the art challenge number 3 but then I am not really sure if my colleagues are really participating in this challenge or not. According to them, they are gonna paint it. So...I'll just wait and see. I have not been painting for about 2 months since my last project was done digitally. Oh, I got my grades for my Practice 1 MA subject! This module is nothing but tough to me but I am glad to score a B for it :) The new module that I am currently working on is gonna be another tough one and here I am procrastinating and painting galaxies instead hahaha. Anyway, I'm dedicating these painting to the the awesome mountain guides, our unsung heroes during the Mount KK earthquake. 

Saturday, June 06, 2015


Whatsapp group chat with my cousins that totally woke me up from my sleep.

Yesterday morning's news came in a big shock to me...I was just turning my alarm off and thought I could catch a few more minutes of sleep but I saw a few Whatsapp texts on my phone screen from my cousins and immediately read it, only to found out that there was an earthquake happening in my hometown and the whole of Penampang felt it. It seems like it doesn't make sense at all...I mean an earthquake in Sabah? But then I checked on my other group Whatsapp which was my Primary school friends and everyone was already talking about it by that time. I got really worried especially thinking of the condition of my house in Penampang where there are already a few cracks here and there on some of the walls in the living room and kitchen due to the poor structure planning when my house was built almost 30 years ago :( If the earthquake really did hit Penampang, my house would for sure be badly affected *touchwood* Anyway, thankfully everything is alright and my family and friends are safe as they only felt the tremors of the quake.

Sabahans, especially the Kadazandusuns (myself included) have linked this sudden earthquake with the recent news of a bunch of tourists who climbed Mount KK and decided to strip naked in the peak so that they can take photos of their willys and vajayjays. Seriously, WTF. I mean I know they probably want to do it because you know...YOLO but still, being a tourist in a different country, we should learn and respect their culture and beliefs no? Maybe they (the tourists) do not believe in superstitious but for the native people here, we see Mount KK as not only the pride of Sabah but also a sacred mountain that should be treated with great respect. (Read more about Aki Nabalu to know more) But I guess some people are just oblivious and treat this as a big joke tsk tsk. It's not like we're blaming them for the cause of the quake but the fact that there's no respect being shown by them in our culture and beliefs that made the native people here unhappy. Oh well, you know what they say...karma's a bit*h.

My prayers and condolences to the victims and also to the mountain guides who died after their heroic act trying to save the climbers. Reading the news about the mountain guides really made me want to shed a tear. To me, they truly portray the value of being a Kadazandusun, always open and willing to help without asking for anything in return. They put extra effort and dedication in their job and it is just unfortunate to know that some of them couldn't survive. My outmost respect also to the other 'malim gunung' for taking a quick action in helping the climbers as well. May God bless all of you. My social media page are flooded with all the post about these kind hearted malim gunung :)

As a Sabahan, I have yet to climb Mount KK haha. I know right??? You must be thinking like why have I not climb the mountain yet. was always not a good timing, my close friends around me wasn't really that keen in climbing it and I guess it just wasn't the right time. But, I've always told myself that I will conquer it one of these days and the fact that I know Mount KK is and will always be in my hometown so it felt like I can just climb it anytime. Things might change now after this quake. Even the famous donkey ears on the mountain is not in the same form anymore. *sigh* Anyway, for people who are away from home like myself, I can just offer my prayers and thoughts to my family, friends and all Sabahan in the hopes that there won't be another disaster this time around. I hope all of you will stay safe and let God always be your protector wherever you are and in whatever you do.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

At the time being...

I guess I should explain the case of my disappearing act although if you've read my last 5 blog posts, you would have found the answer already haha. But yeah, since now I have a little time to breathe after my 'non-stop hits' of classes for 3 whole days, let me just do a little update here. First of all, I'm sorry for not being able to commit in writing more stuff in my blog. Things weren't how it used to be before where I don't exactly have that much priorities to look after but ever since I started my post grad studies, time seems to be something that is valuable and crucial to me and blogging isn't part of my priority anymore (why does it makes me feel bad saying this? You know it's like when you have your own child, suddenly your priorities have changed and what you want to focus on is to care and nurture your child. So, it's kinda like the same thing :D I don't even know if there's anyone who's still reading my blog to be honest, like I know sometimes my cousins will drop by here from time to time and I will too sometimes just to read back my archives but that's pretty much about it. Sometimes I don't even know whether I should just leave this blog as it is or still constantly update it but...I've had this blog for 12 years now. 12 whole freaking years! I just couldn't abandon it, just yet. I will still continue to update, although it'll be lesser this time but definitely won't leave the blogsphere world yet. Anyway, thank you for still coming here and check on me from time to time.

The whole month of April was cray cray because I had to put my focus in finishing my project before my deadline which was on May 1st. I was so looking forward for the semester break (in the college I'm in) so that I can have 100% time for my project. I had to follow a strict timeline that I've set myself (yes, I kid you not) just to make sure I'll get my things done on May 1st. It wasn't an easy thing and again, I am still struggling in the research and academic writing part of my studies, like if I were to write 1500 words about my family, it would be much easier than writing about 'cultural authenticity' *sigh* I'm asking myself why did I even chose a challenging topic at the first place? Well, all is done now...I am just waiting patiently for my result which I hopefully will be a pass. Not trying to aim high and score an A but a pass will do. Okay, at least a B. I will be so damn happy if I can even score a B. Damn, it's hard to impress these English people lol. Right after my project submission, there's a short break before a new module starts this week. I went for a short holiday trip with my colleagues to Bangkok! This short holiday was soooo good for my mind and soul, albeit having to endure the insane humid weather in the city. But Bangkok is really an awesome city...well, in my opinion. I shall do a post about it soon. The new semester starts a week after my holiday in Bangkok so it was grind time for me again. It's only the second week now and my students are so far so good...well I am not expecting much as long as they are doing their best in their assignments and not make my life more harder than now lol. The only thing problem with this new semester is that I've got classes everyday except on Fridays. Monday till Wednesday, my classes are back to back from morning till evening and I gotta tell you, it really drains me out. The minute I finished my class on Thursday, I just don't want to do anything anymore instead of just web surfing and listen to some music.

I guess that's pretty much sums up my life now. Oh, during this 'study break' I have been binge-watching this Netflix show called Orange is the New Black (OITNB) thanks to my cousin Jess for recommending it :) I kinda stopped watching  US TV shows in a while because there wasn't any particular shows that interest me lately. So, there was one time my cousin called me up all the way from Perth and told me that OITNB is a must watch show and here I am, already starting with Season 2 already. Due to my social life still down in the drain, binge-watching is what I've been doing for the past 2 weeks. I think what I miss the most lately is the coffee session that I used to have with my cousin Jess, where we're constantly looking for 'hispter caf├ęs' to try cos we wanna be cool like that haha. I also miss hanging out with my good friend where basically we can just talk about anything under the sun but unfortunately, things are different now.

Oh well, whatever it is life has to go on and we will need to move forward eventually. Just yesterday, I received my second module brief, which means busy days ahead! I am kinda kinda excited in this upcoming assignment so once again, gotta start the hustle and grind from now on. Actually, my trip to Bangkok has sort of gave me a lot of thoughts about the future and moving forward and these were the things that I have not given much thoughts in a while. Maybe it has come the time for me to think through on where my path will lead me again. Okay, that's it for now...see you soon!

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter blessings from me to you! Painted this beautiful bible verse yesterday because I finally have one Saturday where I have no plans but to stay home so I took the time to do this even though in the back of my mind, I was thinking about my friggin' project that I need to do research on dang it. Anyway, I hope you had a good Easter celebration today. My disappearing act in this blog is not forgivable, I know haha. The month of March has been a little cray since I've got 3 assignments to submit and then this month will be the month where I've gotta hustle like there's no tomorrow in order to finish up my MAJOR project that's due on May 1st. I have so many things to write about, believe me but after cracking my head writing a lot of 'academic' papers, all my personal thoughts have been kept inside and I don't really know if I'm gonna unveil it anymore. Like I've said in my previous post, a lot of things that I am currently dealing, I've got to handle it on my own and it's been quite tough so please do bear with me. God bless, everyone!