Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Missing in action

Been MIA from this blog in a while because everytime I thought of posting a post...something else is bound to happen. With all the sudden tragedies, then last weekend my colleague's dad has passed away and just just today...the legendary actor, Robin Williams was found dead.  Like seriously, I don't even know what's going on these days. Life suddenly seems so fragile and everyday you are reminded how life is so short that you gotta live it to the fullest. Sometimes thinking about death scares the hell out of me, I mean who doesn't right? But I kinda and slowly look on it in a different perspective now so that I don't feel *too* afraid to leave the world one day. To me it's like, God has sent you to this world but at the end of the way, you are bound to go back to him again. So as God awaits you on the other side, we continue to do good things and live the life that God wants us to live. Hoping I am making sense here heh. Like I've mentioned before I can never understand the  feelings of people who has lost their loved ones especially losing parents or sibling because I've never experience it before personally. But I am wishing that they are able to go through life everyday as it is. 

Anyway, on a non-emo related note, as the months passed by, things with life and work are pretty much A-OK although I felt like I've been struggling to survive financially every single month. It is crazy hard but I am surviving...barely, but I am okay. It is officially the semester break now and while I am free from classes and dealing with students, I still have a couple of things to do like preparing myself mentally for my MA studies which will start next month. I still think whether it is a good idea for me to start this study or not but I have sent the application and the college has agreed on helping me on the fees and all so...I pretty much can't turn my back now. Should dedicate a post about this soon. There's also another project that I am currently involved in, it is actually the same 'Swiss project' that I was involved in last year. This project, I might think the 'stress' will come pretty soon but thankfully I am not doing this alone. So it is still bearable. I have also been attending 'Alpha course' in SFX Church for the past two months. The decision to join this course came out of the blue but I've been liking it so far. To be honest, I like the fellowship more that the video presentation lol. It's a refreshing thing to attend this course especially when I felt like I have been a 'cradle catholic' for a while.

That pretty much sums up with what's currently going on with me now...oh, and I've been watching a couple of Korean dramas because my favourite US TV shows are still off season now. You know what they say about K-dramas...once you start you can never stop lol. Let me know if you need k-drama recommendations haha. Trying to update as much as possible but I always get distracted with doing other things -___-

P/S: Painted this sperm whale during my #MidnightHustle session last night. I've always preferred land animals than sea but my colleague told me that he likes whale so I painted a sperm whale for him. I had a reference for this because I wasn't entirely sure how to paint a whale but I'm satisfied with the outcome :)

Happy Birthday Reis! I will join the club in a few months time.
Thank you for downloading all the k-dramas and sharing it with me haha.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Last week, I told my colleague that I shall paint a 30th Birthday card to my friends (well...those who are closer to me) for their birthday lol. Reaching the big three-oh is kinda like a milestone you know and I will experience that soon. Not sure how will I feel about that but we'll see. But yeah, I wanted to just do something nice so gonna paint more birthday cards for a couple of friends so keep a look out for it. Need to start painting one for a good friend's birthday next month :) 

I had a hard time painting that donut birthday card (see below) last year cos I was dealing with some emheco shit and have cried several times whilst painting this. Not making up this story but it did happened. But in the end, this painting turned out fine...I actually wanted to keep it for myself but it was meant to be given for a friend so it's gone now haha. I was definitely inspired by Homer Simpson hence the decision to paint that donut with the number 30 in it. The second card was for my bestie Simone, who have just celebrated her birthday last week. She bakes cupcakes upon my request when I am home in Penampang so I am really thankful for her generosity :) Love you gurrrl! Anyway, that cupcake painting was kinda done in a rush cos I wanted to mail it just in time to reach KK on her birthday. But to me, the outcome was A-OK. Hope she'll like it tho~

World Cup had just ended two days ago and it has been a helluva month! From having odd sleeping hours trying to catch up with all the matches that I wanted to watch and then watched all the semi-final matches live at 4am and also the final  match. Crazy month but it's all good. Should blog about this in the next post :) Now, I can sleep normally again. Thank  God for the public holiday today!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

That world cup talk

Oh man 8 years ago, when MSN Messenger was still a big part of my life, I had this conversation with two of my college friends about Portugal vs England match during the FIFA World Cup 2006. I re-read this post through my archive and had a good laugh about this cos my friends were so against C. Ronaldo that they wanted England to win the match. But actually England lost cos Beckham missed the penalty kick hahah. Man, those were the days when I was still so young and free that I could watch World Cup everyday, unlike now pfft. I remembered all three of us were in different locations while we had this conversation. I was back home in KK, another friend was in KL and another one is in Tawau. Good times...good times.

I never thought that I could get sick again at this moment. Currently still down with flu and a possible sore throat is coming soon. But today there are two interesting matches that I want to watch! I guess I'll have to choose just one of the matches cos I have a morning class tomorrow and well...sleep > football haha. Managed to catch the match between Holland vs Mexico last Sunday night. Watched it in the comfort of my bed since I've no one to watch football with now pffft. Anyway, it was another intense match and at the end of the match, I felt bad that Mexico didn't make it to the quarter finals cos it seems that they wanted it more. I was rooting for Holland in the beginning since they played so well in the previous matches but then when they were against Mexico, their dirty tactics seems so visible that I just felt like it was not fair especially towards the end of the match when Holland was given a penalty. Anyway,  good job Mexico! They didn't make it to the next round but they have won my heart lol. Guillermo Ochoa, the goalie for Mexico (the guy who looks like Ted Mosby of HIMYM) made so many impressive saves in this match, no doubt he was given the 'Man Of The Match' trophy for it. I shall look forward for the Germany vs France match tomorrow night. 

Life's been...okay. Hectic at work but it's still managable. Currently preparing my stuffs for the MA distance study and also been doing a lot of postcards swapping which is something that I actually enjoy doing. One time my cousin said to me that she had never knew I had this interest in doing postcards swap. Then I told her that it's a hobby for lonely people hahahaha. But yes, I have loved snail mailing/doing swaps since my high school days.

Holland vs Mexico.

Monday, June 23, 2014

IndyJess Day

I woke up at 5.30am just so I can watch the match between Portugal vs USA. Portugal played....err quite an embarrassing game against Germany on their first match but I'm still putting my hopes for them so that they could at least make it to the next round. Anyway, the match earlier was pretty intense and in my opinion, USA did a great job in attacking and made so many attempts to score a goal. Portugal on the other hand, all I see was they kept passing the ball to each other without trying to attack. I thought team USA will eventually win the match but lo and behold, the power of Portugal's captain who made a cross to his fellow teammate Valera and scored an equaliser goal at the 95th minute. Well, there is a tiny hope for Portugal then. But let's see if they are able to beat Ghana in their last 1st round match in the next few days and I better hope they'll change their tactics instead of being too dependent of Cristiano Ronaldo to score a goal. Holland vs Chile at midnight later!

//end of World Cup update lol//

Just a week ago, I was back home in KK just for the weekend to attend the engagement of my cousin Jess and her longtime beau Indy. It was in fact the shortest trip back home but since Jess is one of my closest cousin and also a part of my family, I wouldn't want to miss her big day and I knew she needed family support so it's the least I can do to be home :) We had a family dinner with Indy's side of family on Saturday night in Portview Seafood Restaurant. Food was good but after trying out Salut Seafood restaurant last month, I would say Salut deserves more brownie points. It was actually the first time Indy's family meeting with our side of the family and it was kinda awkward at first haha...everybody was on their best behaviour, being polite and all but I guess that's how it is when you have to meet people who were older than you right?

Merl suggested that I stayed overnight in Sutera House to continue helping out and do all the last minute preparations...so I did. Only met my family for a brief while when I went home to grab my stuffs. After dinner, we continued on with the decorations at the gazebo and I am thankful to have a super reliable person like Audrey to help out as well plus also helping out at the 'hipster corner'.  It was such a tiring day for me since I didn't get much sleep since the day before because I was up watching Holland vs Spain and then headed to KLIA2  after. It was already 5am when the match ended and indeed it was an awesome match to watch :) So I totally knocked myself out once we're done with the decos and woke up just in time to get ready for the e-day. Despite all the drama-rama that my cousin Jess had to endure (felt sorry for her tho), the engagement did went well. A little hiccups here and there but it was still alright! Jess said that it was the alcohol that made the entire atmosphere better lol. It's really nice to be able to see two cultures merging together and welcoming a new family. I personally think that Indy's fam has been such a good sport throughout the engagement day. After lunch, everyone started to have fun and even danced to a few Punjabi songs haha. As the evening comes, when almost every guests went home, we (the cousins) stayed on to catch up with more family time. and took our cousins epic selfies too. Only managed to reach home at 10pm and then the following day (Monday), I flew back to KL. Would've been great if I can stay for a few more days...heck I don't even have the time to chill with my kitties haha.

Anyway, congratulations Indy and Jess! May God guide the both of of you towards your journey to become man and wife soon. To Jess who's been a super strong and independent woman all these years, I'm very happy that you've finally found the one that you're gonna spend the rest of your life with *tears* Let me go and deal with my unrequited love and stay with 72 cats soon LOL. Looking forward for the BIG day xoxo.

That little 'hipster corner' that I have set up with Audrey's help had a positive outcome :) I have visualised it in my head for days hoping that that corner will look good. So glad that Audrey was able to provide the mason jars cos I wanted those to be there as well. I love that corner, seriously hehe. 


Dinner in Portview Seafood restaurant, Waterfront.
Midnight hustlin cos you just don't stop.
Hipster corner.
Thanks to the Banquet staffs from Promenade Hotel for the beautiful decos.
Me, Anne and Audrey.
Two are off the market and another one will stay with 72 cats soon lol.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

More lettering stuff

As week 5 of the semester has started, I've been having classes everyday except for Thursdays and with all of the things that is happening at work (i.e packing/throwing stuff to prepare for renovation), it's been a challenge to juggle with all the classes at the moment. Yes, my office is gonna go on a major nip tuck again and because I am sort of a 'hoarder', I have SO MUCH junks that I've accumulated since the day I came in to work here. It's not a great sight seeing all of the junks and it's such a BIG hassle to throw/pack it. It's a bad idea being a hoarder, really.

 Apart from juggling my classes, I've also been working on some lettering projects...some are very enjoyable to do and then some kinda stress the hell out of me. I had to conduct a lettering workshop last week to a bunch of Sri KL students and though my boss had told me about this earlier, I just felt like I didn't had much time to prepare everything. Dealing with the Marketing people can be a pain too but let's not go into that. I've not been trained nor have I attended a proper lettering+calligraphy class before, well...I had that subject in college some donkey years ago but I've never got the chance to learn writing proper calligraphy...you know those script handwriting type? Which is why having to conduct a workshop when my skills aren't even that good yet gave me a helluva pressure man. Anyway, here are some lettering works to share...

Did this for a hand lettered quote swap that I participated via swap-bot. Hope the person that I send this to will like it.
This one is for my lettering workshop where I asked the students to trace out my handwriting. Could've done a better version if I had more time. The background photo is an original photo taken by my colleague, Darry.
Sri KL students.

I am also still working on the rules & regulations design for Playwork studio (a mini studio in the college) and this project was a quite a stressful one to me because it requires so many experiments, trials and errors. Still an ongoing project which I hope that I can finish it ASAP. 
Rejected idea....

This one, was something that I actually enjoyed doing even though it required me to continue hustlin' at midnight just to finish it on time. But it's all good cos this one was for my cousin's engagement so it kinda meant a lot more hahaha. Jess wanted a guestbook where people could take instant photos and paste it in together with their own personalised message so I suggested that we'll d-i-y it instead. Will post up photos on Jess and Indy's engagement in the next post...wait for it!

For the guestbook cover.
If you're keen to have hand lettering designs for wedding, engagement or any other events, please drop me an email and we'll work something out lol. On the other note, have you been watching the World Cup? I've watched a couple of matches and so far my favourite match was Holland vs Spain. So good!