Friday, May 22, 2015

At the time being...

I guess I should explain the case of my disappearing act although if you've read my last 5 blog posts, you would have found the answer already haha. But yeah, since now I have a little time to breathe after my 'non-stop hits' of classes for 3 whole days, let me just do a little update here. First of all, I'm sorry for not being able to commit in writing more stuff in my blog. Things weren't how it used to be before where I don't exactly have that much priorities to look after but ever since I started my post grad studies, time seems to be something that is valuable and crucial to me and blogging isn't part of my priority anymore (why does it makes me feel bad saying this? You know it's like when you have your own child, suddenly your priorities have changed and what you want to focus on is to care and nurture your child. So, it's kinda like the same thing :D I don't even know if there's anyone who's still reading my blog to be honest, like I know sometimes my cousins will drop by here from time to time and I will too sometimes just to read back my archives but that's pretty much about it. Sometimes I don't even know whether I should just leave this blog as it is or still constantly update it but...I've had this blog for 12 years now. 12 whole freaking years! I just couldn't abandon it, just yet. I will still continue to update, although it'll be lesser this time but definitely won't leave the blogsphere world yet. Anyway, thank you for still coming here and check on me from time to time.

The whole month of April was cray cray because I had to put my focus in finishing my project before my deadline which was on May 1st. I was so looking forward for the semester break (in the college I'm in) so that I can have 100% time for my project. I had to follow a strict timeline that I've set myself (yes, I kid you not) just to make sure I'll get my things done on May 1st. It wasn't an easy thing and again, I am still struggling in the research and academic writing part of my studies, like if I were to write 1500 words about my family, it would be much easier than writing about 'cultural authenticity' *sigh* I'm asking myself why did I even chose a challenging topic at the first place? Well, all is done now...I am just waiting patiently for my result which I hopefully will be a pass. Not trying to aim high and score an A but a pass will do. Okay, at least a B. I will be so damn happy if I can even score a B. Damn, it's hard to impress these English people lol. Right after my project submission, there's a short break before a new module starts this week. I went for a short holiday trip with my colleagues to Bangkok! This short holiday was soooo good for my mind and soul, albeit having to endure the insane humid weather in the city. But Bangkok is really an awesome city...well, in my opinion. I shall do a post about it soon. The new semester starts a week after my holiday in Bangkok so it was grind time for me again. It's only the second week now and my students are so far so good...well I am not expecting much as long as they are doing their best in their assignments and not make my life more harder than now lol. The only thing problem with this new semester is that I've got classes everyday except on Fridays. Monday till Wednesday, my classes are back to back from morning till evening and I gotta tell you, it really drains me out. The minute I finished my class on Thursday, I just don't want to do anything anymore instead of just web surfing and listen to some music.

I guess that's pretty much sums up my life now. Oh, during this 'study break' I have been binge-watching this Netflix show called Orange is the New Black (OITNB) thanks to my cousin Jess for recommending it :) I kinda stopped watching  US TV shows in a while because there wasn't any particular shows that interest me lately. So, there was one time my cousin called me up all the way from Perth and told me that OITNB is a must watch show and here I am, already starting with Season 2 already. Due to my social life still down in the drain, binge-watching is what I've been doing for the past 2 weeks. I think what I miss the most lately is the coffee session that I used to have with my cousin Jess, where we're constantly looking for 'hispter caf├ęs' to try cos we wanna be cool like that haha. I also miss hanging out with my good friend where basically we can just talk about anything under the sun but unfortunately, things are different now.

Oh well, whatever it is life has to go on and we will need to move forward eventually. Just yesterday, I received my second module brief, which means busy days ahead! I am kinda kinda excited in this upcoming assignment so once again, gotta start the hustle and grind from now on. Actually, my trip to Bangkok has sort of gave me a lot of thoughts about the future and moving forward and these were the things that I have not given much thoughts in a while. Maybe it has come the time for me to think through on where my path will lead me again. Okay, that's it for now...see you soon!

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter blessings from me to you! Painted this beautiful bible verse yesterday because I finally have one Saturday where I have no plans but to stay home so I took the time to do this even though in the back of my mind, I was thinking about my friggin' project that I need to do research on dang it. Anyway, I hope you had a good Easter celebration today. My disappearing act in this blog is not forgivable, I know haha. The month of March has been a little cray since I've got 3 assignments to submit and then this month will be the month where I've gotta hustle like there's no tomorrow in order to finish up my MAJOR project that's due on May 1st. I have so many things to write about, believe me but after cracking my head writing a lot of 'academic' papers, all my personal thoughts have been kept inside and I don't really know if I'm gonna unveil it anymore. Like I've said in my previous post, a lot of things that I am currently dealing, I've got to handle it on my own and it's been quite tough so please do bear with me. God bless, everyone!

Friday, April 03, 2015

Unconditional love

Back in January,  I was invited by a friend to attend a 'beauty clinic talk' held at her house. It was basically a talk to promote some beauty direct selling products and while I wasn't keen on getting any of the products, I got to learn something new at that time. Anyway, after that my friend's husband did a small presentation on how to earn extra income by joining this direct selling venture and again, I have no interest in joining it but it is still no harm to listen because my friend's husband has excellent presentation skills. There was this question asked my friend's husband,  something about the things that you want to achieve in the future...I heard someone answered 'stability', and another one answered 'to travel the world'. I was thinking hard on what should my answer is going to be at that time because I do know that what the others have answered are true and it was something that I wanted too but when it was my turn to give my answer, I said 'love'. Then there was a pause...

I looked at my friend's husband and he was like, "Erm...well, yeah love." After we earn more money, we could find love as well" I can't really recall the exact words that he said but it was something like that. At that same thinking, "Oh shit, did I just gave a shallow answer?" I mean, everyone was giving the if-I-have-more-money-I-can-achieve-anything type of answers while I gave an answer that's not really money related. Of course, I would be lying if I said that money is not very essential for me. It really is especially now when I am already starting to pay my study loan but I also know that money can't really buy happiness and love, well...I believe love conquers all right? I'm not just saying the love that you get from your boyfriend/girlfriend, but from all as in your family, friends, your pets, and most importantly from  God himself. That was the reason why I answered 'love', as shallow as it sounds but it was the first thing that came through my mind :)

Recently I read an article from the church bulletin  that says something about how people contributes love in different ways and it also said that not all people are meant to be married which to me was kinda disappointing to know but there's legit point there.  The article says 'We are destined to give our lives away; many do so in the form of marriage, others in the form of voluntary celibacy for the sake of the kingdom of heaven, others by living alone and yet being there for others. All human life find its meaning in love.' So the point here is that, even if you can't find love in a boyfriend/girlfriend kind of way (I know some of us, including yours truly yearns for it haha) but there are still so many ways in showing love for others. 'Someone who loves authentically is free, strong, and good; he can devote himself in love.' I also believe that the more we give and show love towards others, our hearts will be more at peace after all, the bible did mentioned that 'love is the greatest.' If we have faith in it, it will be one of the great essence that we can have. Maybe,  I can still be drawn into other 'materialistic' things to make me happy and be successful, but at the end of the day, it always a good reminder to know what's really important in your life. So even if I felt like my answer was 'shallow', I do hope that I sort-of made a point? Hehe.

Today, we remember the greatest love that we could ever have; the love that is pure and unconditional even if we have sinned so many times and yet He never gave up his love to us. This is the kind of love that no money can ever buy in this world. Blessed Good Friday.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Art challenge #1

The outcome for our first art challenge. Which one is your favourite?


In between juggling my time with work and assignments, there was this art challenge that I decided to do with some of my colleagues. The deadline was today and I only started my painting two nights ago and completed it last night while catching up with episodes of The Voice. (#TeamPharrell & #TeamXtina all the way) Yeap, as always I am 'the last minute woman' lol but I do have a legit excuse and it was because I was rushing like mad trying to finish one of my assignments to submit, which I finally did on last Saturday. Wasn't satisfied with the outcome because I really felt like I've not enough time executing the designs out *sigh* Gotta blog about this on another post. Oh well, what's done is done and there's no turning back anymore.

This art challenge is like an 'art therapy' to me cos after being swamped with work, classes and doing my own assignments, it is a nice feeling to be able to take a little break and not be worried about things. Honestly, I was so afraid that I would fall into the 'depression dungeon' again because I could felt it was creeping in slowly. Even told my cousins about it and they said it's not a good sign. But that moment when I managed to catch up with my cousins, I already felt so happy and told myself that there is just no point of bringing all these negative vibes around. I'm just thankful that I am able to keep myself calm throughout the weeks when I was rushing with my assignments. 

So this little art therapy is a good one for me. They say do what you love and love what you do. Painting is definitely one of my loves although I always wish I have more time to do it. I am also glad that my colleagues and I are able to finish our artworks within the deadline and judging from our skills, we all got it haha. Just to let you know, painting those raspberries are not so easy for me but I guess it looks alright after I added the white colour highlights. Looking forward to the next art challenge but in the meantime, I gotta finish up another group assignment for submission next week.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cookeh Monstah

Me want cookeh!

 Managed to paint this Cookie Monster character as an art trade for the Oscar the Grouch painting that was done by colleague. This Cookie Monster painting is also a birthday gift for my colleague as I gave him a Daler Rowney watercolour postcards and he asked me to paint him this using the postcard. Anyway, my colleagues and I (the 6 of us) are having an art challenge and where each of us will draw/paint a piece of artwork and probably trade it with each other. This came out of randomness but it already sounds exciting! I mean we've never done this before so I guess it will be a good practice to brush up our skills as well. The theme that we've set is 'Dessert' so we can choose any type of dessert for this art challenge. I'm thinking of painting macaroons or strawberry shortcake but I'm probably gonna stick with macaroons. Apart from my assignments, I've to do this challenge. Oh boy, what have I got myself into...will post the outcome soon and I'm flying off today...NOOOO!