Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Midnight hustle

It is finally the semester break but like I've said, I'm still pretty busy with a lot of other things at work and I am feeling the stress on me now. Well, it's a good kind of stress...I mean I can keep myself busy doing stuff but at the same time I kinda need a break as well. Been dealing with more admin and paperwork stuff in the office and it's not exactly that fun plus this Spritzer collabo project that I am currently in charge on is quite tough to me because I ALWAYS tend to forget or miss out important tasks to do for this project. But it's gonna end soon so hopefully my colleagues and I can do out best on it. During the night when I am home, I've been a few doing artsy stuff and also working on a mini project with another colleague of mine for the college's studio. I sort of felt like being a student again, doing my 'assignment' at night and have to meet my HOD for comments and feedback. Well, you just don't wanna stop hustlin' and continue to work harder.

Decided to give myself a break tonight and not think about work for the moment. Anyway, just wanted to share some of my work in progress here before I go and continue reading my book on my bed. Was thinking of working on another painting but I'll probably do that during the weekend. In the meantime, have a good day people. It is indeed the Holy Week now and it is also a time for me to plan and strategise my time/route to attend the Holy Week mass. It is me against the traffic again haha. Blog more soon! Follow me on instagram for more wip stuff (@viviendumpangol)

My 3rd flower painting practice. Painted this for my colleague's wedding invite but she didn't use it in the end. Oh well, it was a good practice for me though.
Working on an Easter Day card and I'll be giving out limited edition prints for few lucky friends :) Imma make this available in my future Etsy shop too.
I love hand lettering a lot but it can be hard sometimes when you still can't get the handwriting that you want. Worked on this last night with a lot of trials and errors.
Created a digital version which IMO, turned out not so bad. But of course there's room for improvement.
More wip to come. Just wait for it...

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Monday, April 07, 2014

The weekend

My Saturday was spent having brunch with my cousin Jess in this café called Mr. & Ms which is located in Oasis, Ara Damansara. There is so many new hipster cafés in the Klang Valley now and it seems like there will be more upcoming cafes just waiting to open soon. Jess is also my coffee buddy and we're always on the hunt for a good coffee place though I don't think we can do it frequently because number one, we don't get to meet each other on an everyday basis and number two, the coffee price and foods in a hispter café is not exactly cheap. But for the love of coffee, visiting a hipster cafe once in a while should be okay,  I guess. The food and latte from Mr. &Ms was pretty good. Definitely will be back there again if I have the chance though I probably need to be there earlier, before noon that is. 

In the evening, I attended the graduation ceremony of my students in Sunway Convention Hall. Seeing my students finally graduate really brought back all the memories and also the last graduation ceremony that I attended brought a shocking news the very next day. Hope you're doing well up there boy. Anyway, it's always nice to be able to meet up with my students after not seeing them in a while. Some of them have started working, some are planning or already continue their studies and while some are doing things totally un-related to their field haha. Well whatever it is that they are planning to do, I wish them the very best of luck and keep moving forward. There are so many things to grab out there...I remembered the moment I've finished my diploma, so many people has been asking me what's my next plan and at that time, I was so un-sure so I sort of waited till I attended my own graduation ceremony then make my decision. To be honest, I don't even know what's my next plan now. Should I continue to stay here? Go back home for good? I seriously have no idea. But I guess, as you go on with your life, you'll eventually figure it out. No matter how long it takes haha. God has a perfect plan for all of us....just believe in Him. 'Twas a nice evening meeting with my ex-students and also the coffee session with my colleagues after the graduation dinner. As always, coffee session with my colleagues are all about talking nonsense and laughing out loud about it.

It's the last week of the semester and although I don't really have THAT much of gradings to do this semester, I predict I am gonna be busy for the next two weeks of semester break. There's this Spritzer campaign that I need to deal with, preparing new project briefs for the coming semester, admin stuff and not forgetting filling out my income tax...which I really need to do it soon. Then I'll be going back to KK at the end of the month for Borneo International Marathon. I am excited but I haven't trained enough since the only appropriate time I can go running is during the weekend. I need to make more time to train, for real. Currently, my area is having this water rationing thing and it's really not that fun. Imma need to live in a nomad lifestyle soon pffft.

Our lattes. Of course an obligatory hipster photo is a must haha.
With my colleagues. Do we still pass as students? Photo courtesy of Sue Jane.
The 3 girls from the right are students from the Revolt1008 batch. All looked so pretty now!
Eric (middle) was my Certificate level student then he continued his diploma and is still as nice as ever till this day. Kept telling him how handsome he has become as he gets more matured in age haha. Btw, my teeth looks straight now!
Really wished I was able to meet some more of my students but I couldn't find any of them. Oh well...and that's how my weekend went. There was no water supply on Sunday so it wasn't a great Sunday for me haha.

Monday, March 31, 2014

End of March

Sometimes it's hard when you sincerely want to do or be good to others, you'll still end up getting judged even if you've explained again and again that the things that you do is with a good heart. It's just like the situation that Jesus have experienced. He came to spread the good word to the people and yet, he was condemned and got crucified. Humans are like that. We can never be satisfied with everything and I also tend to fall into this sort of situation as well. So what can we do about it? I guess we just need to learn to accept and forgive...and continue to do good just like what Jesus did.  I mean whatever it is, if you've got a good heart and is sincere to become a better person, we can't let all these judgmental stuff get into our heads too much. Anyway if this kind of situation happens to me again, i'll just have to calm myself and let it go...though it can be hard cos sometimes our head may play different scenarios that could lead us to become angry. Well, we just have to try...

On the other note, I went to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier last weekend and it was amazeballs. Haven't been to the cinema that much these days but watching Captain America on the big screen was worth it. I may not be a Marvel geek...well, actually I am not at all but I like knowing things about the superheroes and stuff. It's cool to know that Agents SHIELD actually has hidden secrets and how Falcon is one of Captain America's partner, working together side by side. I actually love it haha and I also look forward for the continuation of Bucky's story too. Not sure whether they will rekindle their friendship but I think they will! Now I shall wait for The Amazing Spiderman 2 and let's hope it's gonna be good too.

My blogging mojo has seriously gone down the drain at this moment. I have so many things to write about yet I always ended up keeping everything inside. It's not healthy, really but some things are just better left unsaid. I don't really have a legit reason why I haven't been active in posting stuff here. Well, actually I am pretty busy with work but then that seems like an overused reason. The time is moving so fast that I haven't really sit and figure out the things that I needed to do. My Etsy shop is still pending, my proposal to continue my MA is also still in pending, I don't even know why I get so de-motivated lately. I'm currently working on some paintings for my colleague's wedding invite. AS much as I like flowers, painting 'em takes a lot of practice and I shall continue my hustle in painting more tulips tonight.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Oh March...

This month of March seems to bring some bad luck to Malaysia...with the news of Anwar's sodomy case and then the case of disappearing Malaysia Airlines aeroplane, MH370 which I personally find it odd and weird in a way. Like, I wonder how exactly can the plane just disappear just like that and there is no traces of it until now. You'll definitely hear a lot of speculations about it like it is probably a hijacking case or the plane is has been taken away from aliens or even stranded in the middle of nowhere just like the TV series, Lost. The radio stations have been playing more mellow, slow songs as well to commemorate this tense time. Just yesterday, one of the radio stations was playing Foo Fighters' Walking After You! Haven't heard that song in a long while. I guess I can start listening to the radio again now. Well, I can't say much about it as I am also just following the news (the legit ones) and of course, offering my thoughts and prayers to passengers and their families. I am hoping to hear some good news out of this.

All the intense things that's been going on in the country, you'd probably need to think twice whether it is the right time to post happy things here or not. But when you think about it, everything will be in God's hand. We can pray as much as we want but God will have the final decision. So yeah as we keep our hope and faith up, life still needs to go on. I still have to get my work done and conduct my classes. It will still go on. 

Thought of sharing some photos taken from the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo that I went with my colleagues on Saturday. Been wanting to make a visit to this expo and finally we found the time to go there before the expo ends this week. When you think Doraemon, it'll bring back to your childhood time and reading Doraemon comics brings so much joy to you. You get so familiar with the characters and their personalities and also not forgetting Doraemon's cool gadgets too. My favourite thing in this expo was definitely the 'pintu suka hati' cos seeing a life size version of it really makes you wish that the door can really work lol. If there is a Slam Dunk Expo in the future, I will not miss the chance to go!

All photos are courtesy of my colleague, Darry. He brought his DSLR cam, hence the great quality of photos :)

Doraemon. before he became a blue cat.
With Darry.
Pintu suka hati! Apparently I look like a hobbit here.
Not your typical lecturers lol #kidatheart