Friday, September 16, 2005

Hard knock life

I cannot believe the haze is back again. It’s 3.21am as I am typing this. I was out yam cha-ing with HH, Ken and Kenny a while ago and then as I looked up at the sky, I saw the haze. The weather is already freaking hot and now the haze?


Mom woke me up from my wonderful sleep yesterday. It was 1pm when she called so I guess it WAS time for me to wake up anyway. I still can’t adjust my sleeping time up until now. Everyday, I’ve been sleeping late and waking up late even though I do not have any assignments to rush. She called to ask me to go to the bank to cash in some money to my bro. So, I went out and did what my mother has told me to do. Had a late lunch with Ken and Kenny in Ming Tien after that. Got introduced to this junior (she is actually Ken’s friend) whom I think is really friendly. She eventually talked to me even though I’ve not introduced myself to her yet. So I am guessing that she must be really nice.

Stayed in the gallery till it closes then HH suggested to go and eat popiah and Le Cremeria (correct spelling?) ice cream in pyramid. Well, the popiah tasted good. I really liked it. The ice cream was okay. I’m not really a fan of lemon ice cream but it’s still okay. We ended up lepak-ing in Giant eating Popiah and ice cream not forgetting the chicken that Karmen bought too. Sigh…these are the things that we do when we have just nothing else better to do. Well, at least I had a good day talking and laughing with my classmates. HH, Olivia and Karmen were sort of arguing on

the money that we’re supposed to pay on the foods. I don’t know how did it started but we ended up laughing out loud at one another.

I am still confused with what I am going to do next. Not exactly that confused but still very much undecided. I’m not sure whether to work in KL or KK cos both of this places has pros and cons in it. God, I need a direction please! Today is the last day of Flavour exhibition. All the artworks will be dismantle by evening. Kinda sad but what to do lar right? Adrenaline Award is going to be held tonight! Hope my classmates will win. Ken’s artwork got shortlisted so there’s high possibility that he might win an award. So, good luck to all my classmates!

Oh yeah, my CG is planning to go to Nilai College to celebrate the Mooncake Festival this Sunday. Hope it’ll be fun. Going to sleep now cos I have to wake up early to go to the gallery again. Can’t stand the hot heat!!!

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