Monday, September 19, 2005

Sugar, we're going down


I was supposed to post an entry as soon as I came back from dinner but I was too caught up into reading so that is why I only start to blog at this time. 3:02am to be exact. Sin Ho msn-ed me just now asking if I wanted to go and watch Fear Factor. Apparently, there’s a live Fear Factor going on in Sunway but I am not exactly sure where. But I am just too lazy to go out and I think it would be best if I just stay inside my room and read. Didn’t go out for the usual yam-cha session too.

Well, last night I had a wonderful dinner with my CG friends. It was the Mid-Autumn Festival by the way or aka The Mooncake Festival. I remembered last year’s Mooncake Festival gathering that was held in my old house. We had Satay Celup! Damn, miss eating those. But yesterday’s dinner was fine as well. Didn’t get the chance to light up a lantern though BUT I did get the chance to watch EPL on TV. Man. United was against Liverpool. I loved Man. United’s away jersey. It was actually my first time seeing the team wearing a blue colored jersey. The color was quite similar to Chelsea’s but I think it’s a bit darker. And I’ve noticed that Cristiano Ronaldo’s hair is longer now. Heh. Both team didn’t scored a goal till the end of the match. So it was a draw lah. Though I am not a big fan of Man. United, I was hoping they’d win the match last night.

Before reaching home, I stopped by at VT’s place to buy some books. I know that I should refrain myself on getting a book but who would miss the chance on getting a cheap book right? The Da Vincci Code for RM10. Now that’s what I call a very good bargain. I finally can read The Da Vincci Code! Yes, I am outdated, as I know most of the people out there would have read it already. Will only start reading it once I am back in Penampang. Oh, Flavour Exhibition has finally come to an end. I am glad that the two weeks exhibition was a blast. We had problems in scrubbing off the red tape stains that was left all over the wall. We had to use numerous ways to scrub all the stains off. Geez…I just hope that TOA’s management won’t sue batch 24 for this. Friday was the day where we had to dismantle everything. We started dismantling the artworks around 4pm and by 6pm some of my classmates and I had to rush over to Mont Kiara to attend the Adrenaline Award Ceremony. I’ve mentioned in last month’s post that my class was asked to participate the Adrenaline Student Creative Award Competition. Six of my classmates got short-listed and one of ‘em was of course Ken. So the ceremony started at 7pm but we reached there 30 minutes late.

Well, what do you expect? We had to beat the traffic jam and we had to wait for people. But luckily, when we reached there, the speaker was just about to announce the first award. Dee Dee and Li Shien won the Bronze award for Best Copywriting and Best Photography, Yen Lee won the Silver Award for Best Print and and Mr. Ken OBVIOUSLY and as expected won GOLD for Best Illustration. Two nights before the ceremony, Ken was so worried that he might not get an award. He had all this “what if” thing going through his mind. I guess most of my classmates knew that he would win an award. I’ve guessed it too and even prayed that he’ll win. Well, my classmates deserved to win of course. They’ve done a pretty good job on their works. I must admit that I am secretly envious because who doesn’t like winning and getting an award right? BUT, I just have to look at the bright side. Though my entry was not short-listed and I didn’t get the chance to win an award doesn’t mean that I am never going to win one in the future right? Well, I doubt I will EVER going to win one lah but I got to at least have a little faith in myself, no? On the way home, Rico the Advertising & Graphic Design Head in my college called Ken to go for an interview in Leo Burnett. He said that he should go and try it out before signing the contract with S&S. Hah, now Ken was really confused on this. See, I told you making a decision is not as easy as you think. Well, I just hope that he’ll be able to find the right direction soon. I haven’t found mine yet. Sigh.

It's over now...

Loong bought that shirt in Japan. I want! Nice stencil art of Green Day, ey?

The chill no more liao.

On the way to Mont Kiara I snapped this quite wonderful sunset in Subang itself!

Adrenaline award ceremony.

Ken accepting the Gold award.

Rico, Yen Lee, Ken, Li Shien, Dee Dee and Hooi Chiat.

Congrats! Congrats!

I still can't believe I am so short!

Ken again.

Li Shien.

Li Shien and June Hoo.

Olivia and Yen Lee.


Me with Li Shien.

On Saturday, I got a wake up call from Olivia. She was in college at 8am? Geezuz…that was freaking early okay. She asked me if I wanted to eat breakfast and I answered her that I’ll be in college soon. I only managed to reach college at 10.30am. Went into the gallery just to find out that Jun was still scrubbing off the red tape stains. Apparently the Interior Design students are going to have an exhibition starting this week. So they needed the wall to be clean. Olivia, Ken, Jun and some Interior Design students (I only knew one of them, Ying Shing) helped out to scrub off the stains. This time we used lighter fluid to scrub it off and it actually worked. Had lunch in Ming Tien and stayed there talking and chilling for more than an hour. After staying in Ming Tien for god knows how long I decided to make a move and head over to Pyramid. Actually I felt kinda awkward to see Ken sitting on the table surrounded by all the girls. And I am one of the girls. Don’t ask me why I felt awkward; I’ve no idea too. That’s the other reason why I had to make a move. Well, obviously I went to Pyramid for one good reason. To indulge myself into the books in MPH. “Eh, you go MPH to mabuk buku issit?” That was what Ken had said to me when I told him I was going to Pyramid. Yeah, I was in MPH to mabuk buku. Heheh.

At 3pm, I went out to Pyramid’s main entrance to keypoh as well as to meet the 3 Malaysian Idol finalists Daniel, Nita and Farah. Since I couldn’t watch Malaysian Idol 2 online now, might as well I watch them singing live in front of my own eyes right? So I stood in one corner and waited for the 3 of them to turn up. I quickly scanned through the people who were there as well. There were a lot of teenage girls (Chinese especially) and I knew instantly why. Daniel, that’s why. When the emcee mentioned Daniel’s name, all the girls screamed like nobody’s business. Hmm…somehow this Daniel guy has quite a number of fans especially girls. Daniel was the first performer on that day. I was surprised I did not have the STAR STRUCK moment when I saw him. Heheh…well, I am not a big fan of him anyway. The first thought that came into my mind when I saw him was, he’s really a pretty boy la. You know the type of guy that a girl would be proud to bring home to show mummy and daddy. Then, when I looked at him a bit longer, I actually found out that he’s “kinda” cute after all. BUT still, he is not really my type.

I think most of the teenage school girls almost fainted when he came up to the stage. Heheh. IF MIG AYESA was there, I would 100% faint in an instant. LOL. Okay, back to Daniel. The first song that he sang was Ohh La La (by KRU), and then it was Can You Feel The Love Tonight (by Elton John). It was okay, I guess. There’s nothing really exciting on his performance as his voice wasn’t that “special” to me. (No offense to all Daniel fans out there) I am not a good music critique so I am just gonna say my honest opinion lah. Nita was the second performer. Now, that girl really has a great voice! I really hope that she’ll be the Idol! She sang Love is A Crime (by Anastacia) and Asmaradana (by Tiara Jaquelina). It was really good. I like her cool attitude and her short hair-do too. Farah was the last performer. She’s really pretty in person! She sang Wajah Di Rahsia Hati (by Oggy A. Daud) and All By Myself (by Celine Dion). She has a nice voice as well BUT I checked the MI2 official website a while ago and to my utter disappointment, Farah got eliminated! It’s Daniel and Nita to the finals. You know I was hoping Nita and Farah to be in the finals. (no offense again to Daniel fans). Anyway, I am still hoping that Nita will win. After the performances, they had an autograph session with the fans. I didn’t get their autographs though. I snapped more pictures of them instead. Farah was kind enough to pose for her fans from time to time and she’s really photogenic.

I went to the Saturday’s service in FCC that day. Haven’t been there for quite sometime. I was really surprised that the pastor’s son (not sure how old, but probably 2-3 years old) can talk! I mean, it was my first time hearing him talk in Hakka.You must know that I don’t really like children. I mean I don’t hate them or anything but I just don’t really like dealing with children. But I do like well-behaved children and I also like it when a child knows how to respond or laugh when the people are trying to please them. The pastor’s son basically has this two qualities. He is just so cute. ^_^

Well, that pretty much sums up my weekends. Today is Monday and I don’t seem to have anything to do after the exhibition. I’ll probably waste half of the day sleeping then in the evening, might be going out with VT again. Maybe I should start to pack my stuffs. Mother is coming this Sat. Not really sure if I am excited over this or not. Have a great week ahead. I know some of you just hate Mondays.



The pretty Farah.

See, she stilllooked nice even though the wind was blowing her hair into a mess.

Daniel with his harcore fan.

She even has a poster of Daniel and she came up to the stage twice! Not fair, okay.

Yup, this is my favorite picture.

Nita has nice top.

Farah waving to her fans.

Daniel again.

**Forgot to mention, Ken won a Foo Fighters (In Your Honor) CD last Friday. Arrgghh...I've been dying to get the CD myself! Oh anyone of you read Sunday Star yesterday? There was this nice article in Star Mag by Philip Golingai (Soon to be Anne's uncle-in-law) about the lain-lain in Malaysia (which means, the Other Malaysians) The first part of the series was about the Bonggi tribe who lives in Pulau Banggi in Sabah. It was a nice article and it even got mentioned some Sabah slangs like santut (underwear) and sigup (cigarette).

Go read it!

And one of my favorite part in Sunday Star is the Fashion Police. Reese Witherspoon has been selected as best dressed.

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