Sunday, September 25, 2005

This is how a heart breaks

Who the f tells my kampung friends about me going to NZ to further studies? I can’t believe it! It’s like the whole kampung Dabak knows about it. C’monlah…me going to NZ was just a PLAN. That’s all. I didn’t even say that I really want to go there at the first place. It’s just that IF I got the chance to further my studies, it would be in NZ. Get it? And I repeat it was just freaking plan okay. So to all my cousins, kampung friends, everyone else back home, PLEASE do not boast about it as if I am really going to go. IF I am, then I will tell it by myself. Deal? Haih…just received a message from my kampung friend and all of the sudden she was saying something like “I heard you’re going to further your studies in NZ…bla bla bla,” So I was wondering how in the world did she knew about this NZ thing? I was not even that close to her at the first place.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Okay, mother is here right now. It’s good to see her BUT I knew that she’s going to complain about how hot and stuffy my room is. Then she went on comparing my room to my bro’s place in Ridzuan. “At least his place has a living room to sit. Some more his room got air-con too,” she whined. Yeah, okay. So my room is small and pathetic but this is the only best place that I can find to stay after I’ve moved out from my previous house! I am just a student here, my life is already very cham takkan you expect me to live in a luxurious home right? Why lah my mother cannot accept the way I live here? Maybe she was just too sad to see how cham my life is in Sunway. That was why she told me that going back to Penampang is the best thing to do. She actually prefers me to get a job there and stay there as long as I can.

But do I really want to settle down and work in KK? I mean I know, I’ll get less pressure and life would be much more flexible since I do not need to worry about paying the house rent, bills and so on. But I also want to have a challenging work. I want to learn and explore more in the advertising design industry. I want to live independent too. All this, I can do it over here in KL. See, this is making me confuse again. KL or KK? Now that’s a question. But let’s not talk about this right now or else I’ll get more headaches again.

Mother told me a lot of stories that has happened in Penampang when I was not there to witness everything. It was quite a good talk lah. I’ve never thought I’ll have this long conversation with my mother because back when I was in high school, my mother and me never talk a lot about stuffs. Maybe we see each other everyday, then there’s just nothing particular to talk about. But now, since I am away from home and all that, there are more things to talk about! I kinda like it. There’s four more days for me to pack all my stuffs and I hope that everything will be under control till the day I am jetting off to home sweet home.

It was good to see my bro again, after months of not seeing him. It’s funny that we stay so near to each other; we didn’t really have the time to meet up. Mother brought a lot of stuffs for my bro. All were foods lah of course. Fish, Bambangan (wah sedap man!), Ikan Masin, Lada, etc…all my bro punya favorite lah. Oh, we both agreed that Good Charlotte’s music has turned into a pop music. I used to like their music too but these days, with all the young-teenage punk wannabes saying that Good Charlotte is the best rock band ever, I just simply cannot agree with it anymore. It is the same with Simple Plan and soon to be, Green Day. No offense to the fans but the radio has been playing their songs for zillions of time and I somehow I seem to get so bored hearing it. Why can't they play more Weezer or Incubus or Nirvana…etc. But I guess they have to fulfill the target audience’s listening pleasure right?

Anyway, let’s just hope that Good Charlotte will be much better in the coming albums. Dinner was nice! Had Bak Kut Teh! At least it was way better than eating chap fun, or maggi goreng all the time right? Sigh…I hope next week is going to be a fine week. There are still some things that I need to go and settle in college plus need to print more copies of my resume just in case. I’ll try to write a super long entry soon. (That entry will be a special edition one lah heheh)

I am supposed to sleep BUT…I can’t. I had to wake up early later some more. Oh, Daniel is the Malaysian Idol!!! OMG, did you girls voted for him just because of his looks? You girls must be jumping up and down now huh? That is why I just couldn’t care less on watching Malaysian Idol 2 anymore. It was just so disappointing unlike Malaysian Idol 1, where VT and I was so addicted to it. Better watch RockStar INXS kan? Okay, I’d better go and listen to my walkman now since there’s nothing to do. Hope your Sunday will be a blast.

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Linus Linnaeus said...

Went out one date with the girl...nothing yet and she's really more petite than I remebered but she nice... :)

Sabah - KK was great...went to manukan island,dead corals galore as I snorkel but terribly small place the city, don't think you have much of a career the gsc cinema, still have traditional hand painted movie posters!

As for malaysian idol...I am partly to blame...was there at the live show,scream for nita so overwhelming I decided to throw a vote the underdog way...guess one vote does count...