Monday, October 17, 2005

Berhenti berharap

First day at work was okay. Well, I didn’t do a lot of stuffs anyway. Was there helping the display artist cutting some papers, putting ribbons on hula hoops and did some thumb sketches for the Hari Raya Display. I don’t really like being NEW cos I tend to be really quiet. But the workmates are friendly and nice though.

I want to write more but I cannot believe that I am extremely sleepy now and it is only 11.30pm. I mean, it is still early for me. Well, I’ve watched all the shows that I wanted to watch on TV, I guess I shall be going to bed after posting this up. By the way, the show Wonder Falls in Star World is nice and I am getting addicted watching it and so as Married To The Kelly’s.

Not really sure if I am able to blog tomorrow since there’ll be a rosary prayer in my house and then choir practice for Sunday mass after that. I think I am going to be super exhausted lah. And I hope that I can survive working cos that particular hypermarket got tons of STRICT RULES man. Can die you know.

Okay, my eyes cannot tahan already. Time to sleep. Peace.

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SaDdNesZ.jc said...

welcome to working life... hahahaha

It only gets worse... Wait till you make a mistake and the boss ticks you off... Then you'll understand the full package of work...