Friday, October 14, 2005


I am suppose to update but there seems to be a lot of things going on these few days so that is why I can only update today. I’ve been home for 2 weeks and there are still a lot of things that I haven’t unpacked yet. Most of my stuffs are still in the boxes and I am just too lazy to do anything with it. My room has turned up to be a temporary storeroom that’s why I am sleeping on my bro’s room temporarily. But since my PC is in my bro’s room, it would be easier for me to sleep here.

Anne Marie my best friend in the whole wide world came back from Kudat for two days. I missed her like crazzzyyy! Wednesday night, I’ve spent the entire night next door talking and laughing till 4am. Man, there are just so many stories to tell and share. Even ghost stories too which makes me so scared to go home but thank GOD I braved myself to walk home in the middle of the night. Well, it was not that far anyway, it probably took me about 30 seconds to reach my house gate. Anyway, the late night talks with my cousins are one of the things that I enjoy doing since I was still in high school. And because I have to be away from them for so long, I haven’t had that late night talks with my cousins for the longest time. So Wednesday night was great. I am looking forward to see Anne soon and if possible spend more time with her again. Hope that she’ll be back in two weeks time.

This week has been kinda nice too since I’ve met some interesting people whom I’ve haven’t seen for a long time. Like on Tuesday, I was driving to Dongs to get my developed pictures in Evergreen. When I wanted to stop at the junction in St. Michael’s School, I saw this Kancil stopping at a public phone just outside the school. So I was like who in the hell is this idiot driver who stopped exactly at the junction? And this driver was stopping on my road! When I passed through the car, I took a glance on that “particular idiot driver” and then it was…haih, I don’t think I want to mention it here. Didn’t thought I would bump into that person there. Then on Wednesday, after accompanying Mierah to get a gift for her friend in CP, I went to Dongs for yam cha with Dree, Merl and Anne. On the way to Dragon (the Kedai Kopi where we go regularly), I saw my high school crush. HAHAHAH…damn happy wei! I mean, it has been a long, long time you know. Talked to him for a while, he said that he’s working as a chef in one of the 5 Star hotels in KK and he gave us his number too.

Well, I guess that was probably the highlight of my day. Heh. During our yam cha session, I saw this guy whom I’ve known since I was a kid. We’re not exactly close friends or anything but we just knew each other la. It goes the same with my cousins. They knew who he was too. So this guy was wearing a very tight PINK shirt on that day. Not that I mind guys wearing pink but it was my first time seeing him wearing a tight pink shirt. And he was so muscular and he kinda resembles Triple H the wrestler from WWE. Go to my archives, I think I’ve posted a picture of him on my previous posts. So I was talking to my cousins about him and said:

Me: Doi, gila punya tagap dia. Macam Triple H oh!!! (Man, he’s so muscular and he really looks like Triple H!)

Then he turned around to look at me…oh no. Not a good sign. Then Merl said:

Merl: Uii Vien, dia tau dia kena panggil Triple H tuuu! (Vien, he knows that he’s been called Triple H!!!)

He looked directly and me and lifted his head up as a sign of hello and I lifted my head back to him. SIGH! I thought for a second that I am so going to be in trouble because when I was telling my cousins that he looked like Triple H, I even did that I-am-so-muscular-action too. Nasib baik he tak nampak lah. LOL. I couldn’t stop laughing after that cos it was really embarrassing and funny. Mana la sia tau dia tau kena panggil Triple H kan?

It was all good lah. I mean that guy is a good friend with my bro so I don’t think he minds me calling him Triple H at all. I HOPE. Oh, Monday was the interview in Servay. It went well. The two graphic designers who viewed my artworks seemed nice. One had just graduated from LUCT and the other one was a previous SIA student. They spoke mandarin to me but luckily I was able to converse back to them. I was worried that they might use some complicated mandarin words that I can’t understand but they didn’t so everything went well lah. This morning I went for the second interview but I didn’t get the chance to drive to Servay since my dad is using the Lancer to work. My mother drove me there. And guess what? I am going to work as a graphic designer in Servay Hypermarket starting Monday. BUT I am going to face one BIG problem. The software that they only use is CorelDraw. The person (whom I guess must be the head of design) said that they only use CorelDraw for the design work No Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. Die lar like that. But one of the graphic designer said that I do not have to worry cos she will teach me when I come to work this coming Monday.

I really hope that I will be able to ace that software within 3 months; you know lah I am a very slow learner. The salary that they are able to give me wasn’t what I’ve expected cos it was kinda low to be honest. I am not demanding for a higher salary but looking through my qualification I thought I would get more higher…well, I guess I just have to accept it first and if I can perform well in 3months time, let’s just hope there’ll be an increment. The working hours are from 9am to 6pm everyday and it includes Saturday too. That means I can’t go to the Sunset Mass anymore. I have to go for the Malay Mass on Sunday from now on.

I am not sure if I am THAT excited about working but I’ll try my best to do everything I can to learn and gain more experience. I thank GOD for opening up this opportunity for me. Next week, I am back with a busy life but I am free at night so late night yam cha anyone? Guess this should sum up on what I’ve been doing the past few days. Tomorrow is the outing with Eve, Vir and Mone. Going to have pizza for lunch. Yup, can’t wait for it and can’t wait to see the best friends again. Here are some pictures to enjoy…I’m going to go and continue reading now.

Have a blessed weekend.

More flowers from the garden.

This is the Lancer that I was talking about. Maybe I should ask MTV to pimp my ride.

This was taken last Sunday at Mierah's crib. She defintely has a lot of shoes lah.

Ya...really weird.

Sisterly love. Audrey and Merl.

Cousinly love. Amirah and Audrey.

The Bazaar Ramadahan in Sembulan. The place was so crowded!

Sempat berposing lagi.

We bought kuih bulan and kuih cha kui.

Kuih Pulut.

Our buka puasa meal.

ABC rocks.

On the way home on Sunday night, Merl and I went to Razz-Ma-Tazz not for clubbing but just to visit because I've never been there before. (Sakai bah)

I slept at 6am on Wednesday night. After coming home from next door, I stayed up to write my resume till the sunrise. But it's cool to see the sunrise cos I haven't seen one in Kg. Dabak for a long time.

I can even spot Mount Kinabalu y'all! Such a breath-taking sight no?

Lastly, this is the recent photo of Anne and I. We took this yesterday 2 hours before she to Kudat.


Anonymous said...

your fan's back !
hahahaa hak hong here..
wah seh men is getting veli interesting, like the flower shots a lot ...kinabalu morning was interesting too.

well, tell you the truth , i never really read through, but ho, i like to see see look look your place in penampang

more photos !
real cool! hak hong

Anonymous said...

by the way , "more photos" means please put more of your hometown's photos k
takut nanti you din understand


hak hong

SaDdNesZ.jc said...

I miss the mountain... sigh...

But anyways, great to know that you're actually getting work in KK... heheheh And Corel is very easy to work with... I would say easier than AI / Photoshop... But the basics are the same... you'll have no problems...


Vivien said...

hak hong: hello!!! gald to know that u still read this blog...hehehe...yeah, i'll try to snap more photos while i am here r u by the way?

saddnesz: yeap, i really hope it will be easy. i'm praying for that. heheh.

BeaWuzHere said...

vivien! lol.....i just found ur told me about it...hahaha...good to hear u're doin fine back home...good luck with ur job! ^_^

Vivien said...

hi bea! really surpised to see you here...heheh. yeah, i'm doing okay here. hope you're doing fine there too!