Sunday, October 02, 2005

Feeling you

It's good to be home. As much as I miss all the good freinds back in KL, it is still good to be home cos it is where the hear is right? Penampang is great. Looked normal to me but there's lots of new development going on. My house still can't access to the internet so I am currently in Web Jaya Centre Point. Going to catch The Skeleton Key at 3pm with my cousins. I am still currently jobless. So basicly I don't have that much of things to do at home besides watching the TV, feeding the cats, doing some house chores. Tommorow my mother will fly to Tawau for a week so that means I need to do extra house chores ler. Wanted to follow my mother to Tawau since I can go there and ask Ivan out for yam cha but then I am to lazy to travel again.

Anne is in Kudat. I miss her! Not sure when can I meet her. It's been only 4 days since I am back in Penampang. Seriously, there's really nothing much to do. I wanted to write more but time is running out. There's just so much things that I wanted to tell, but that needs to wait AGAIN. Guess that's it for now. Will update a long entry soon and pictures too.

All the best to Ken on his frist day of work tommorow and to Audrey, good luck for the PMR! Hahah...Plus, I want to say thank you for all the people who've sent me smses wishing me all the best. Thank you!!! Oklah, see you soon.

P/S: I love the new song by Michelle Branch ft. Santana!


SaDdNesZ.jc said...

Good to know that you're well and resting... hehehe

Linus Linnaeus said...

hey... m always at the brink of tears when I touch down in kuching but must not cry because egoly...m a guy! am going home myself...albiet for a holiday...btw, updated my blog entry someone to include an ambigious photo of HER. check it out to see if you know her... :p