Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Feels like it should

I drove to Dongs today and after having a car license for about 4 years now, I am still certified as an absolutely bad driver. That very old Mitshubishi Lancer is being so unfriendly to me. Sigh. Anyway, as long as I did drove safely to Dongs then it’s okay. I know that I really need to practice my driving skills. Went to Sadong with my dad a while ago to apply for Streamyx. Man, I didn’t know that applying for it could be that expensive. Now, there’s going to be another new bill to pay next month. This means I must try and find a job! I mean, I am still searching now. I read the paper’s classifieds everyday hoping that there’ll be at least one job that needs to hire a graphic designer. Geez, I still can’t get my direction right. I am pretty sure that my mother still wants me to get a degree but 2 weeks ago, I went to meet up the student department service staff in college and then she explains to me roughly on the expenses that my parents have to bear. It was like…mahu cekik darah man! And I doubt that my parents will have that money for me.

I’ve tried not to think about all this fuss but it’s like every single day this thing has been bugging me all the way. Somehow I feel pressured to hear some of my friends are working where as I am still doing nothing but watch more television and lepak with the cousins. Wah, stress lah. Well, I really hope that there’s gonna be something this month. Please don’t stop praying for me?

My mother is still in Tawau and I haven’t done that much of house chores yet. Man, she is going to kill me if the house is dirty. And I have to be back before my dad comes home to masak nasi. Then going out with the cousins to watch Into The Blue. The Skeleton Key; which I’ve watched last Sunday was okay. I thought it’s gonna be real scary but it turns out to be not scary after all. I don’t know why everytime Hollywood produces horror movies, it’s like so scary when you watch the trailer but when you actually watch the movie itself, it is just not so scary leh. Those Japanese adapted movies like The Ring, Ju-On, etc…not scary. I think the scariest Hollywood movie I’ve watched was Stephen King’s It. Anyhow, I still like Kate Hudson’s acting in The Skeleton Key.

Okay, this is not going to be long post cos I have to go back home now. Hoepfully next week, I will be able to blog at home. This is just another update to tell you I am still alive. But I’m kinda bored lah honestly. Anne, capat lah pulang! Mone, sia call ko nanti.

I need to say this to my friends (if you read my blog lah) I am really sorry cos I am not able to say my farewell to some of you lah. It wasn’t a convenient time since I am busy packing and all. So, I am really sorry! Especially to Simonz. Sorry ok, no heart feelings.


SaDdNesZ.jc said...

The price of education has just solved your problem... :)

I think you'll have to get your hands on yellow pages and call the ad agencies in KK... I don't think people get jobs via classifieds in Sabah. It's always via someone they know...

6 Degrees of separation.... :)

seryoung said...

i think it's hard feelings, not heart feelings. well, works both ways too..lolz