Thursday, October 06, 2005

Gold digger

Birthday wishes to my bro who turned 23 today, to Junz who turned 21 and also to my cousin Avin who's err...29? Happy Birthday! GOD bless always. Will blog again later, probably at midnight after watching some nice shows on TV and also The OC season 2 episode 3! Here's some pictures that I've taken the past week. Man, time does fly fast. It has been a week since my arrival in sweet home Penampang.

That's Ken with his sort-of-new-hairstyle. Can you see the blonde streaks around. Miss this guy lah.

This was taken on the plane. Was lucky cos my seat was beside the window. The sky looks beautiful!!!

I was reading NST on the plane and I found this article. Too Phat's new album; Rebirth To Reality is out! I'm gonna get it soon.

I had Nasi Briyani with chicken for lunch. Quite nice but I simply love the dessert which was Red Beans Pudding.

Then I had tarap at home. Tarap is a fruit that's found in Sabah. Not really sure if it is available in KL. Sedap!

Last Sunday, Audrey, Amirah, Merl and I went to Growbowl cinema (my first time-EVER going there) to watch The Skeleton Key. This is Audrey posing with a poster of Into The Blue.

Mierah with Nelly.

I like this picture.

Mierah and Dree plus Courtney Cox-Arquette heheh.

The new Kenny Rogers restaurant is now open in Centre Point. We went there twice. The second time was on Tuesday.

The light is from IKEA!

Mierah and Merl. (Msg to Mierah: Puasa, jangan tak puasa...)

The all grown up Audrey who still has a lot of fans around.

Princess Dree & Princess Vien.

I love this cat! Doesn't have a name yet by the way.

This is Mini BZ. Very photogenic kan?

My mother asked me to take pictures of some flowers so that she can show to her customers. Since I like taking nature photos, here are some shots that I've took last week.

This is my favorite!


SaDdNesZ.jc said...

tarap.... *slurp*

simone said...

Just to let u know, tarap can ONLY be found in Sabah. KL memang no tarap punya. Can say tarap is Sabah fruit la.