Thursday, October 20, 2005


Since choir practice doesn’t start till 9pm, I’ve got time to blog…FINALLY. Heheh…yeah, you know lah working already mah, where got time to write everyday wor. I cannot go online while working too.

I guess the whole nation must’ve heard about the Prime Minister’s wife death by now. I was actually shocked to hear about it because I didn’t expect she would depart this fast. I’ve read a lot of articles about her treatment in the USA and how she was a really good and loving wife to the prime minister on the papers…it’s just too fast you know. BUT, how can we fight fate right? Well, I hope that she’s going to be fine up there and may GOD bless the Prime Minster so that he will be able to cope with everything even without his wife beside him.

So I’ve it’s my fourth day working in the hypermarket. It’s still okay; I guess I can still tahan longer. Today was actually a productive day for me. I didn’t really feel that tired even when I am back home now. The past 3 days, I’ve been doing a lot of “path-ing” using the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop. It’s actually kinda easy job lah. Oh, I’ve also snapped photos on the products that need to be out in the papers so…go and buy Daily Express this Saturday. You’ll get to see the pictures that I’ve taken. ^_^ No Corel Draw work for me yet but my workmate said she’ll have to teach me using the software starting next week. I really hope I am not going to screw things up lah. My post there is not exactly a graphic designer because I do help out the display artists on doing a lot of finished art stuffs and also visual display stuffs too. Today, I helped them to do the Bunga Manggar for the Hari Raya display at the frozen market. Yesterday, I helped them to do a lot of green ribbons. So, I might consider myself as a graphic-artist.

To be honest, work doesn’t seem to be all that fun but sometimes it can be enjoyable too. I dread waking up as early as 8pm everyday and only have a few hours of leisure time but I guess this is life right? I chose to work so of course I have to deal with all these. If my mother can work for more than 30 years and can still spend her time cooking, doing house chores, etc…then why can’t I right? OKAY…I don’t seem to make sense. This is another crap entry.

Choir practice is fun too. My kampung is organizing the Kadazan mass this coming Sunday. It has been quite sometime since I’ve sung Kadazan hymns and I don’t think the hymns are really that easy to sing. Most of the hymns that were selected for this Sunday require you to sing in high notes, which I find it pretty hard! BUT then, all the songs are nice to sing so it’s okay lah. Looking forward for the practice later and I hope I can continue to stay awake after practice cos I want to watch all the sitcoms in Starworld!

Well, nothing interesting is going on with me these days so I am going to stop here. Will write more soon and pictures too.


SaDdNesZ.jc said...

so when are you coming back to KL???


mOkKiEs® said...

hihihi vivien! had no idea you were blogging as on earth did you find me? =p
anyways, will continue coming back!

Anonymous said...

hello: is me hak hong ,you went off line the moment i log in . ai ya was thinking to chat with you a while but too bad missed the chance.
but i was right! your blog sure got update wan
heheeh so i seen it d
hehehee,think things are gettign quite well huh! glad to know that you are getting use to the work life... for me i have not even started working
enjoying yes ,but stull have lots of things to handle

yup.. all the best and hang in there. so pray too ya

hak hong

Vivien said...

saddnesz: hahah...dunno yet lah. but sure will be there during my convo.

mokkies: hello! how are you doing? yeah, i had this blog for quite sometime now. i found out about ur blog while i was blog hopping. u're a chun writer man! wish u well over there!

HH: hello! aiyaaa...din knew u were online juz now! sorry! will chat with u when i see u online again k.
yeah..working life...not so great but still can survive heheh. all the best to ya! really miss hanging out with u and ken laaaa...