Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sleepy head

You know what I’ve not been doing lately? READ. Yes, ever since I came back here I have not been doing a lot of reading. I even neglect the newspapers! Haiyah…cannot lah. I’ve got to read more and more. I went to the Penampang Library last Saturday with my mother before waiting for the bank to open and OMG, there were a lot of new books there! Some of the books which I really wanted to buy but couldn’t afford it. I went to ask the staff to see if my membership card is still useable since I haven’t been there for such a long time. I was in luck when Grace the stuff said that my card is still active so I borrowed 2 books immediately. I am trying my absolute best to finish reading this thriller novel called Copycat by Gillian White in two weeks time. I MUST! I MUST!

Okay…the second week of work. I am quite bored with my work lah. I mean, I thought there’ll be a chance for me to design posters or fliers or ads BUT nooo…I’ve been doing a lot of cutting, pasting, and spraying instead. Actually I’ve been doing the same thing since Monday. I know lah, I am suppose to help out the visual artists but takkan they never give me any chance to design something on the computer right? Well, I did design one poster for Bontton but that’s it. Only one bloody poster. And I thought the senior graphic designer would teach me Corel Draw by now but I’ve only been thought a little. Tomorrow I’ll be doing the same thing again which is cutting and pasting. Cannot tahan wei! Can give me some productive works or not?

My mother showed me an ad on yesterday saying that this certain company wants a graphic designer. Apparently this company is located just behind my working place. So my mother asked me to try it out, who knows I’ll be able to seek for a better prospect there. This company sells computer stuffs so I think IF it would be interesting to work there. Besides working as a designer, you can learn a lot about computers. Not that I’m really into computers but it’s good to learn about it no? I’m going to send the job application form and show my portfolio tomorrow so wish me luck. If the company gives me a better salary and a better working environment, I might quit my current job and work there.

On Monday, I was so freaking pissed at this lady cum the hypermarket’s inspector. Okay, when you’re working in a Hypermarket, there are numerous rules that you’ve got to follow. So the hypermarket that I am working in insists that the staffs and workers aren’t allowed to bring their cell phone to work. Since rules are made to be broken, I brought my cell phone to work everyday, until on Monday, that lady stopped me and said “Aiyah…you brought your phone again? I told you since Saturday not to bring your phone and I even asked the manager to tell your office…bla bla…so how lah?” F**K man.

27/10/2005 * 12:45am
I was halfway typing my entry when Merl called me for yamcha…woot finally got chance to go yamcha! Merl, Dree, Ben and I went to Bukit Padang just a while ago. Bukit Padang is one of the places that I haven’t been for a long time. Might be going there again this Saturday, hopefully lah. Actually I am looking forward for the weekends to come cos Anne will be coming back and another cousin too! Yesh…kita pi Blue Note trus! Okay, back to the story. So yeah, I was so pissed at the stupid rule and the lady of course. I told the lady why I couldn’t bring my cell phone but my other workmates can bring theirs. Then she kept on denying saying that there’s only one girl in my office who’s allowed to bring her cell phone. Yeah right. Because I hate to argue more, I called up my mother and gave my cell phone to her. Ish…I don’t know why but this “no cell phone rule” doesn’t really make a lot of sense. What if there’s a big emergency? What if it’s a family emergency? Takkan we have to rely to the office phone only right? And it’s not that we’re going to talk on the cell phone 24/7. C’monlah, if you can think in a rational way, I don’t think there’s any reason why the staffs aren’t allowed to bring their cell phones. My workmates doesn’t find that lady very pleasing as well. Gosh, I even hate looking at her everyday. Sigh. Well, enough about work. There’s nothing much to complain actually, it’s just I dislike the lady cum inspector so much and my work is boring…but my workmates are still nice to me.

Oh, Sunday was a great day! Woke up at 7am to attend Sunday’s mass. The choir was pretty good tough there are some sumbang-ness in some songs. But it went well indeed. After mass, the Dabak Youth went to Metro for breakfast. Such a lovely day it was. Had good laugh on some funny jokes and Merl suddenly became super hyper, I had no idea why. Probably it was because she was sitting next to the quite good-looking guitarist. On the afternoon, Merl, Dree, Ben, Arnold and I went to CP to watch the LG B. Battle Break dance Challenge. It was great too. The B-boy stunts were really impressive; I suddenly wish I could break dance as well. LG Battler (the 2nd best break dance team in South East Asia) came over for a special performance and they were asked to become the judges too.

We actually made friends with them since Merl has connections…heheh. Land Slyde of Dragon Red was the emcee of the day and he invited Merl to co-host with him! It was just nice lah. We stayed there till it ends, which was about 9.30pm. Fuh…penat giler!
I’ll post the pictures as soon as I am done with the editing. These days no time to do things that I want to do. If my office has an Internet access, then it’ll be easier. Well, I should stop here cos I so need my beauty sleep. I’ll update again soon. Good night! Kartello Hello…before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DAYANG AMIRAH AISYAH aka Mierah! Love ya loads!

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