Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bounce like this

I doubt there’ll be a part two. Man, I seriously have no time to blog! If there’s an Internet connection in the artist room or at least an Internet café in Penampang Baru then I will be able to update everyday. Work has destroyed my life…heheh. Kidding. Today is Merl’s birthday. Happy Birthday Merl! Jesse, Dree and I rushed to Center Point last night but we arrived late as all the shops were already closed. Darn. But don’t worry Jess; it’s not your fault. Will be celebrating Merl’s birthday at night. She said we’re going to sing Karaoke in Tg Aru. That’ll be nice. Let’s just hope that everything turns well later.

Yesterday at work, I actually forgot to bring my wallet along. Damn stupid lah! How can I even forget such an essential thing like my wallet? So…I had to ikat perut and tahan lapar till I finish work. Drinking water doesn’t even help. And because I was so hungry, the headache came attacking again. Mental note: Always double-check your things first! Oh, I’ve been told that I need to go and help out the Member Road show event this coming Saturday in KK Plaza. I could already sense that I am going to be extremely busy and tired. Plus Dabak CC (my Kampung) is organizing the Sunday’s mass. Which also means, choir practice at night. Not to forget, my mother’s brother is staying at our house from the 23rd till 27th. I need to move my PC into my room since they are going to sleep in the guest room cum my bro’s room. My room is no even clean yet. My bro is coming back in a few days time so he’s definitely going to use my PC a lot. Haiya…so many things to do and I don’t think I have enough time for it.

On the brighter note, my Sunday was good. Simone called to tell me that my Applied Typography project was displayed in IKEA. That really made my day. Thanks for telling Mone. Then Merl, Ben and I went to Karamunsing to jalan-jalan. Karamunsing, the shopping mall brought back a lot of good memories. I love going there when I was a kid and that’s the only place where you can get good art materials. Karamunsing might not be as happening as Centre Point but it is still a nice place. By the way, KK has a new cinema! Mega Pavilion is officially open now. It’s next to GSC by the way. Haven’t been there yet but my workmate said that place was superb. I hope in 2-3 years time, there will be TGV right here in KK city.

I’ve watched Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire last week. Went to GSC to watch it with Mierah, Merl, Dree, Jesse and Arnold on the premiere itself. I’ve read a few blogs that said it wasn’t a great movie because the story wasn’t exactly like the book itself. There were comments on Hermoine that she wasn’t supposed to be that love struck with Viktor Krum. She should play it cool and Dumbledore wasn’t supposed to be a fierce man. But since I am (again) the most outdated person in the entire world, I’ve never read a single book of Harry Potter so I didn’t really know the entire story of The Goblet Of fire. All I can say is I enjoyed the movie a lot. I like the part where Harry faced his first challenge, where he has to battle with the dragon. Great effects. And also, Ron is still funny. Lord Voldermont doesn’t have a nose heheheh. He’s kinda scary too. Anyways, next movie to look out is The Chronicles Of Narnia. I haven’t read the book too but the trailer looks promising enough for me to anticipate it.

Last Saturday night, Merl and I were watching this Filipino movie called Forevermore starring the very handsome Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa. I think it was my first time watching a Filipino movie heheh. The movie was nice…a bit illogic on the buah mangga thing but overall it’s nice and entertaining. Jericho Rosales can melt every girl’s heart wei…I think I should buy that VCD when I got my salary. Oh no, it’s almost 2am. Time to sleep. I’m still hungry!

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