Friday, November 04, 2005

One by one

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Unfortunately I got only one day of holiday. Damn that hypermarket. There are supposed to be 2 days of public holidays lah. Anyway, going to Mierah’s home later for the Hari Raya open house. It’s kinda good to actually have Muslim relatives cos you get to go to their open houses and have a great time there.

Last night, I was feeling sick. My whole body seems to be so weak and my throat is not feeling good as well. I guess the time has finally arrived and I am sure that in the few days time, I am going to be sick. Note to self: Drink more water! Oh, my mother called me when I was in the office to say that I’ve already got my salary! Wohoo…it’s my first salary ever so yesterday is definitely a date to remember. I know the amount that I got wasn’t that much since I’ve only been working less than a month. Then, kena potong few ringgits for EPF and SOCSO. So I left with RMXXX more. But it’s okay lah. I felt like buying a new skirt and pumps but that could wait lah. I’ll just keep the moolah first.  

After work, I spent the entire night at home watching TV. My mother went to meet my uncle (her brother) who came down from Tawau for a visit. My dad went with my mother so I was home alone last night. TRL showed a sneak peek of Gwen Stefani’s new single called Luxurious! I am so happy that the song was made as a single cos I really like that song. Then, after spending few hours watching TV covered with a blanket, Merl called me up to invite me for yam cha. This time Merl, Ben, Dree, Arnold and I went to Lintas to this kedai kopi called Kam Kee (previously known as Lion). Didn’t ate anything cos seeing my soon to be sick condition, I think it’s best for me just to drink the Teh-O panas. But did have a few dumplings lah.

-edit- (11:30pm)
I couldn’t finish typing this entry in the morning cos I had to shower and get ready to go to Mierah’s home. But I’m back now so I’m going to continue blogging. I wanted to stay longer in Mierah’s house but I was not feeling really well. The massive headache came and attacked me again. Really cannot tahan so I went home with Jesse. The open house was okay. Wasn’t that grand and all that but it was still okay. The foods were nice as well heheh. A relative told my mother that I’ve gained weight. Haih…I know lah. No need to tell me again and again lah. I am trying to lose some weight but since I like eating, I don’t find it easy to lose weight. BUT I know that I’ve gained weight so no need to tell me over and over again lah. Pictures of my cousins and I camwhoring will be up as soon as I am finish editing it.

Reached home at 5.30pm, took my bath and swallowed two panadols and then…sleep! I thought I would wake up 7pm or something, but when I looked at the alarm clock it was already 9pm. Sepet started at 8.30pm in AstroRia so I’ve missed 30 minutes of that movie. Man, it was good to watch Sepet all over again…I told my mother who was watching that movie at the same time that Ah Loong was the guy that I met during my interview in S&S. There are going to be a lot of Malay movies that I want to watch during Raya. Gol & Gincu, Sembilu 2005, Gangster…etc. Yeah, support the local film industry. Oh, finally watched the Petronas Hari Raya TVC too.

Okay, continuing the story on Wednesday night, after our yam cha-ing session, we went to the pasar malam in Sinsuran. It was actually my first time going to a pasar malam in KK. Well, I did go to a pasar malam once in KK but that was like decades ago. The pasar malam were getting ready to close when we reached there so we didn’t stay there long. It was pretty dangerous too by the way.  We met Mad Shah (who’s back for a week for Raya) on the way home. He came by to Merl’s house later at midnight and brought the DVD player and a lot of his DVDs for us to watch. We decided to watch American Pie 4 and this time there was no Jim and his friends. It was about Steve Stifler’s younger brother Matt, who was sent to attend a band camp because he was well, a rebellious high school guy. Man, both the Stiflers are just the same. The way they talk, act…everything! But the younger brother was better looking lah. Heheh…it was a nice, hilarious movie. Every American Pie movies are hilarious right? By thw way, Jim’s dad was still in American Pie 4 and not forgetting the Sherminator.

You know, whenever I go somewhere or someone was talking to me, there were always a lot of things that reminds me of KL and my friends over there. Like the Wednesday’s night yam cha-ing session, I remembered going out for yam cha in Illahi. The pasar malam reminded me of going to the pasar malam in Uptown with my then housemates and some seniors from college. Heck, I was even wearing the jacket I bought from uptown on Wednesday night! When we reached home waiting for Mad Shah to arrive, Audrey showed me her new Adidas sneakers that Avin (her oldest bro) bought for him. The sneakers looked so familiar that I kept staring at it trying to figure out who was the person who owned the exact sneakers. I looked at it again, and saw the word Dragon printed on the sneakers and finally realized that Ken has the exact ones too!

Sometimes when I passed by the tunnel near Sabah College, I took a glance at the walls that has graffiti on it. Then, it reminds me of the time where HH drove his Kelisa and brought Ken, Sin Ho and I for long kai in Bangsar checking out a lot of cool graffitis. When Anne, Merl, Jesse and I went to Tg. Aru beach last week, there was this eating place that reminds me of Asia CafĂ© in SS15. Oh, when we passed by this fishing area on the way to the pasar malam it reminds me of the time when I used to follow Ken and HH to the fish shop in Shah Alam and Subang!  There are still a lot more things that reminds me of the time when I was in KL. Geez, that means I really do miss the great time I had with my friends back in KL. Not sure if I’ll be able to hang out with my friends again but one day I hope. I wonder how’s everybody doing there? HH, Ken, Ivan, Kenny, Olivia, CS, Amy, Chloe, Loongz, Junz, Jun Hoo, AD24, batch 24, my cell friends…how are you guys lah? Holla me back if you guys are reading this okay.

Suddenly feels so emo already. Going to watch One Tree Hill now. Damn, I’m working tomorrow! Have a great holiday people.

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