Friday, November 25, 2005

Window shopper

I guess I am just lucky for not being selected to the Road show in KK Plaza tomorrow. But I know that next month’s road show in Penampang; I am definitely going to be on duty. No doubt about that. The bad news about next month’s road show is that it is going to be held on Christmas Eve! Sucks, no?

It’s another working day tomorrow. Damn, I hate working on Saturdays. The only good part is I get to drive to work. But working till 6pm on a Saturday is just so tiring. Plus, my kampung is not organizing the Malay mass on Sunday. I heard the wrong information. We’re actually organizing the sunset mass, which is of course tomorrow. So by 6pm sharp, I have to get myself out from the office and rush my way back to church. The mass starts at 6pm by the way. Sheesh…I hope I can reach home in 10 minutes time lah. The PC Fair has just started today in CP, Palm Square. I want to go! Maybe I’ll go on Sunday…but I need to ask someone to teman me first. Man, it has been a long time since I’ve been into a PC Fair. The one and only PC Fair that I went was I think in 2003? I remembered Simon brought me, Loongz, Fan and another guy (which I forgot his name) to PWTC for the PC Fair. That was the first and the last PC Fair that I ever went when I was in KL.

Well, life is still okay. Nothing much happened and I have been staying at home most of the time this week. I actually miss a whole lot of great shows on TV…this is not a good news heh. Oh, my brother is coming back today. Am I happy? Hmmm…I don’t know. Maybe. At least there’s someone who clicks with me at home lah. We might not be the closest siblings but we still can talk to each other a lot. I’m waiting for him to intro me more rock music when he’s back ^_^.

Merl’s birthday celebration was fun. We didn’t go to Tg. Aru. There was a change of plan that day. Kakak Genie belanja-ed us seafood for dinner and then we went to Razz again. This time the live band was okay. They changed the lead singer and she sounded way better than the previous one. But one thing was missing that day. Anne. Haih…miss her a lot. Anne, come back soon cos I think I have to tell you something!  Okay, this is a very boring entry so I’m going to stop here and eat my dinner. Pictures will be up later or tomorrow. I’ve finally finished editing it. Peace.

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