Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Train of consequences

I was looking at the calendar at work today and suddenly realized that Christmas is next week! That fast? I haven’t done my Christmas shopping yet not forgetting the presents that I need to get for my friends. I’m not very sure if I have the time to go to KK this week cos I’ve been so caught up with work as usual, and more choir and caroling practice. Maybe I’ll try to go and get all the presents this coming Sunday but need to see ho it goes first.

I had a bad, I mean extremely BAD diarrhea today! I think I’ve been into the toilet more than 5 times at work. I have no freaking idea why I suddenly got the diarrhea lah. I mean the foods that I’ve eaten since Sunday was fine. Another thing happened last night during the joyride to find more beautiful houses with Merl, Arnold and Mad Shah. When Shah stopped in Anjung Selera for a quick fag, I went out of the car and puked. What in the hell is happening to my stomach and me? If I don’t feel better tomorrow, I ain’t going to work y’all.

I should go to sleep early today since I’ve got nothing much to do except refining the Christmas card and memorizing Missy Elliot’s song for this coming Friday. Oh ya, I know my birthday is still far away but…it won’t stop me from giving out my wishlists though I doubt I’m gonna get any of the things that I wish for lah. But here it goes:

Vivien’s Birthday wishlists
1. WACOM pen tablet. (I really really want it so much so that I can learn Painter and practice my drawing and coloring skill then I can be just as good as Ken or my other Illust. friends)

2. Blink 182 Greatest Hits CD (I dreamt about Travis Barker last month after watching him on Meet The Barkers. I’ve no idea why but I suddenly am really into the band. Well, I am a fan of Blink 182 since my bro intro-ed me to them la)

3. Destiny’s Child #1’s CD (I like DC too!!! And I want their greatest hits!)

4. Emily The Strange stuffs (Emily rocks)

5. Flats/ pumps

6. A classic rock CD (consists of classic rock bands like Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Bad Company, GnR, Skid Row…etc)

7. Memoirs of Geisha novel (I know, very outdated)

8. Errr…I can’t think of any…Oh ya, Gummy worms/gummy bears! (Available in Tong Hing Supermarket)

9. Barbie fashion dolls (don’t ask why I am still into Barbie dolls)

10.Last but not least…a rosary. (If ada purple color better)

I’m adding another one and the most expensive one. An OSIM massage chair heheheh…I need it cos I am getting old okay. Time to go to the toilet again. Sheesh…

Forgot to put these up.
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SaDdNesZ.jc said...

The last picture: It seems that Santa was carrying more than he could bear... heheheheh

Vivien said...

haha....since you've mentioned it, i finally realized it too. haih....bad composition. poor santa.