Saturday, December 17, 2005

Twenty one baby!

I am officially an adult and legal because I've turned 21 today. I know old already lar. Yeap, it's my birthday today. It's 3.20am, I am so going to bed as soon as I finish doing that freelance chirstmas card. Damn, I am so tired! I'll update more later at night.

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to my beloved cousins who wished and gave a really nice gifts. I am so thrilled heheh. Thanks to Merl for that absolutely nice Barbie doll! I'll post the picture soon. Thanks to Audrey for the Emily The Strange handphone pouch, Thanks to Jesse for the watch and Emilt The Strange key holder and thanks to Mierah for the nice hand bag. BIG Thank you also to cousin Peng who called all the way from Scotland to wish me on my birthday...heheh. I'm really happy lar.

Thank you also to my workmates Desmond, Joanne, Churchly, Poon, Allan plus the nice admin ladies Miss Chong and Mei Ying for the birthday card. They'll be a birthday celebration going on at work later where we'll be eating cakes for free. Okay, need to get back to work. Later.

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