Sunday, February 24, 2008

I do nothing on Sundays...

A few people were asking me what do I usually do during the weekends. Well, seeing it is only the second week of me being in answer is nothing. Sunday is the only day that I can wake up late and do particularly anything I want. But this week I've been doing some reading and currently halfway through finishing Sidney Sheldon's Windmills Of The Gods. Really interesting book! Hope to finish it in two days time so I can move on to another book. Yeap, Linus I took your advice haha.

Went to Kim Gary Pyramid with Ivan for afternoon tea today. He's the only friend to care enough to bring me out haha. Oh, I just found out there's a Sunday Catholic service in Sunway. This means, I don't need to go all the way to Kelana Jaya to attend mass! That's definitely a good news. Well, hope everyone had a good Sunday today. Tomorrow will be another working day...sigh. Manchester United won the EPL match against Newcastle last night and C. Ronaldo scored two goals. Wished I had the chance to watch it last night :(

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Just plain Sharon said...

Hi vienz! I adore all the books by Sidney Sheldon. I read all his books and I love the way he mixes all in one elements such as love, controversy, plot and etc. Windmills of God is one of my favs. Hope you have a good read.