Tuesday, March 25, 2008

3 days update

Monday (March 24th, 2008)
Finally done for Monday. If you don’t already know, Monday is a VERY stressful day for me especially the Design 1 Workshop class in the morning. Imagine I have to teach that subject next term and honestly speaking, my skills in Adobe Illustrator that impressive yet. So, seriously worried about it next term. Today was spent having crtitique session with the students. It can be fun but when you’ve critiqued your 20th student, your head starts spinning and you suddenly feel so sleepy that you wish everything will be over soon.

Anyways, sorry for not posting any entries for the past few days…been caught up with grading heaps of student assignments and I am still not done yet plus I had some emo moment because I couldn’t go to Sunburst haha BUT I feel fine now so no worries. Oh yeah, HAPPY EASTER! How was your Easter? Mine was A-OK. I woke up extra early yesterday so I could catch the bus to church and speaking about bus, when the bus that I was riding to KJ yesterday suddenly rosak at Subang Parade’s traffic light! My first encounter with bas rosak in KL. Sometimes I just hate this city life I’m living in right now. Everywhere I go, I needed transport and even going to church. Sigh. Well, I managed to reach KJ 10 minutes before the Sunday’s Mass started. When I reached back Sunway, I decided to watch 27 Dresses since there was a sneak peak in TGV. Yes, I am a sucker for chick flicks no matter how good or bad it is…I still watch it. Anyways,27 Dresses was nice, entertaining…kinda predictable, actually most chick flicks are predictable but I don’t really care la heh.

Then at night, I finally got the chance to watch EPL! I promised myself way before that I MUST watch last night’s match because it was the match between two top clubs, MU and Liverpool. Luckily Ivan was willing to accompany me. We went to watch the match at the malay stall in between the house and condo that we wrere both staying in. Last night’s match was GOOD! Enjoyed it and MU won haha! Some controversy here and there especially when the ref gave several yellow cards and one red card to Maschereno.

Tuesday (March 25th, 2008)
If you've read The Star today, Maschereno was dubbed as the dumbest man on the planet. Pfft. Oh man, I wish I can get a better mac than the current one I'm using! It's soooo slow, even grading makes it so hard. Sigh. I'm actually done for the day, just wanted to finish up this post before I head home. Wish I could bring back some work but no computer la so I prolly might just lepak at my bro's place since his place has ASTRO. *jealous* Last night I was in KJ again with Ivan and Ken for another yamcha session. Elections might be over now but everyone is still talking about it even the papers. Everyday there's always another news about the elections. Anyways, last night there was this sort of heated discussion among some men and women at the table next to where were seated. I reckon they are from the opposition party la. By midnight, more people came to join the discussion and then one of the man who was wearing a yellow shirt with a DAP logo came to us and shook our hands. Ken, Ivan and I looked at each other with question marks on our faces. We had no idea why the man shook our hands but then, maybe he just wanted to be friendly la.

Today (March 26, 2008)
Man, I can’t seem to finish my post! Having English Tea while typing this. I have class at 9am and it’s already 9.13am now. Still waiting fot IC, the guest lecturer to come. I slept at 10pm last night which was kinda early but the past two days has been tiring, Critique session all day long with the students. Sigh. Well, I’m off for now. Will continue blogging once I have time again!

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