Sunday, March 02, 2008

Another Sunday in Sunway

I've managed to upload one of the video that I took during the BSB Unbreakable Tour concert in sunway Lagoon last Wednesday. Tried uploading in via youtube but the college doesn't allow the staffs to surf youtube's website. Tsk...tsk. So, I've uploaded it via photobucket and I hope the loading is not slow. Anyways, this video is when they sang the famous song 'As Long As You Love Me'. Can't really see the four of them clearly though. You can only see Howie (who's wearing the vest) and Nick (who's in front of Howie) most of the time. But you are able to catch glimpses of AJ and Brian during the second verse of the song.

Click here to watch. I don't know why I can't upload it in Blogger. Prolly have some html problem. I'll try to upload it via youtube soon.

Pictures will come later when I have the time to edit it. By the way, I've got a computer on my desk already! BUT it's an old version of iMac which looks like this:

This imac is probably aged 10 years old. Sigh.

The reason why I was given a mac on my desk is because I was assigned to do a lecture kit for the Degree course in the college. One of the subjects that the students need to learn during their foundation year is Design One (basically an introduction of basic design fundamentals/principles). So there's about 12 topics to learn in that particular subject, therefore I've got to do a hell lot of reading and some research to make that lecture kit. Actually, the subject(Design One) is similiar with what the Diploma course students are learning but since the college is launching its Degree course in about 3 months time, I was asked to do some modification on the course outlines as well as the assignments. I gotta tell you, this is definitely NOT AN EASY TASK since it is my first time and all. Well, I am taking this challenge and hoepfully I am able to finish this task before the deadline; End of April 2008.

Oh, I've finished reading Sidney Sheldon's Windmills Of The Gods. Finished reading it last Sunday heheh. Gotta say it was another superb book by the author. I'm gonna spend my time reading again today since there's nothing else to do around. I can go swimming but chose not to cos there's a lot of foreigners here and I sort of have this phobia on em haha. Maybe I'll go swimming when the time is right la. okay, I really should go and grab something to eat. I haven't had breakfast and lunch yet and it's already 4pm. This sort of lifestyle is just like when I was still in college. Seriously, it's not healthy.

Manchester United won again last night haha. 3-0 against Fulham.Okay, cheers.

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