Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jealous! Jealous!

Oh my goodness, let me just die laaaaaaaaaa....I should've gone to Sunburst despite all the difficulties. BIGGEST REGRET EVERRRRRRR. Even seeing Colbie Caillat at Laundry last Friday can't compare to watching Brandon Boyd on stage. Not going to blog a lot this week. I am too emo to even write something up heh. Actually, I have a lot of stuffs to do in the office la.

Darn, I really wish I could turn back time but life needs to go on. My jealously points for those who did went to watch my favourite band already sampai tahap maksimum. Oklah, going off before I go crazy.

On the other note: If my cousin Azlan was still alive, he would've turned 25 today. Hope you're doing well up there.

P/S: Picture credit: Khairul Bariah (grabbed from Velvet's FB)

REGRETREGRETREGRETREGRET X 1000000000000. I know i'm being childish about this but cannot help it bah.

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