Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rush hour

Wrote this yesterday, March 4th 2008

I totally forgot that I had class today! It’s all because of the exploration week which is sort of like a mid-term break for the students. But this time, the exploration week applies inly to the juniors(foundation year students), I’ve totally forgotten that every Tuesday, I’m tutoring two major classes for Computer Graphic Print Production Procedures (CGPPP) subject and major students doesn’t have exploration week, The lecturer that I’m assisting, Tay actually came up to the office and asked me, “Eh, no need to go for class ar?” and I was like “Huh? Got class meh?” Then after several seconds, I realised that I do have class today. OMG, I am getting older each and everyday!

I learned something new during CGPPP class. First one is line art and the second one is a new short cut key for Photoshop. (^_^V)

I also realised that people around here are so cranky in the morning. I tried to smile to this ‘she-male’ whom I know is currently working in my favourite bookstore at Pyramid, but he didn’t even smiled back! Man, I am trying to be nice la you know. I thought that maybe my smile could actually make him all bright and cheerful but oh well…it reminds me on a conversation that I had with Raden back when were in Wanganui. I told her that the people (esp the elderly) are so nice and friendly that they greet you Good Morning when they see you walking. Then Raden said, “Hmmpph…kalau kat KL, pagi-pagi semua orang pegi kerja muka masam giler,” LOL. Yes I know we working people dreads waking up early and going for the same routine each and everyday BUT takkan you want to have a masam face like all the time right? I think if you try to smile at someone and that someone returns your smile, it’ll definitely be a good way to start of your day.

March 5th, 2008 (Today)

I have to stay in the college till 11pm. Hopefully not till midnight. The reason why I'm staying late in college is because I've got to attend this motivational talk organised by the college for students. I was asked to help and assist the speaker. I for one hate motivational talk but so far this motivational talk is quite allright-lah. I am really tired. Seriously. You guys better appreciate my effort to attend this talk man haha. Anyways, it's dinner time now but I don't feel like eating anything. Another session will resume soon. Well, I guess that's it for now.

"I am a dude and could be your superman"
-something I read written by a student who were asked to describe about himself. I couldn't stop smiling haha.

ManU 1 Lyon O wohoo!
Arsenal 2 AC Milan 0 darn!

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