Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sick again?

I don't know if it is the weather or the foods or the environment here but all I know is I am starting to be sick. I sneezed like a billion time while I was in the office yesterday and then this morning, I discovered I've got flu and my voice has slightly changed and I sound so sexy right now haha. Yeap, I think I'm going to be sick but it's still so early! How can I be sick this early?

Well, I know today is THE Election Day and I hoped you have made the right choice. sad to say, I'm not registered as a voter yet NOT because I am not a concern citizen, it's just that due to a lot of procrastination, I haven't really thought of going to register myself as a voter.I've been reading the papers every single day to keep myself updated with the Election news and so far, it's been quite interesting :)

I shall wait for the result tomorrow in the papers la since I don't have a TV here to watch. Checked The Star online a while ago and found out that BN is leading (yeah, what else is new) Anyways, Jesse came down to Pyramid from Nilai today! Was really glad to see her and it's always good to have a cousin bonding session. There are Sales everywhere so we did a lil shopping. I finally bought a pillow because I don't have my own pillow in my room. Currently pinjam-ed my bro's and I bought shoes because 2 of my shoes that I brought from KK are almost "hangkang" and I reckon it must be because of all the walking that I do everyday. Then Jesse took the bus to KTM Subang around 5pm and that marks the end of our hanging out session.

I watched 10,000 BC with my bro last night. It wasn't a bad movie la and part of the reason was because Steven Strait (the lead actor) is hot haha. But, the story was not so bad. Okay, guess I should be going now. Haven't had my dinner yet and I don't really know what I wanna eat. I miss watching football :( :( :(

BTW, guess who I met at the BSB concert. VJ Alvey of Channel [V] hehe. Okay, honestly I don't really like him on TV but he actually looks good in real life lah.


Anne said...


Forgot to sms u last Sat. Actually ur name is listed for the election. Mine as well! I dunno how the hell did our names got there. I oso haven't personally registered yet. Must be from the Puteri UMNO that we were asked to join. Dorg Jay informed me during the election day itself. I couldn't believe it. Evor said ada cuz he checked for my IC thru online. Adidi.. terpaksa turun pigi St. Michael pigi mengundi. Gila la!

Nway, i guess u didn't missed out much here. Things will never be the same without u. I will email u sum pix during our trip to Labuan l8r k?

Have a nice day.

Take care!


elfiejane said...

get well soon!