Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stop approaching me

I decided to go swimming yesterday. Reached home from work at 7.30pm then changed to my swimsuit and went down to the pool. All I wanted was some ME time while swimming a few laps but then suddenlt this Malay dude approached me asking if I could teach him how to swim. WTF. Right at that moment, I already felt super uneasy cos this dude just tiba-tiba came and talked to me! Okay lah, I salute him for his guts BUT seriously, I hate guys who suddenly approached me and then started asking me all sort of questions.

I didn’t felt comfortable when that dude was talking to me cos we were inside the swimming pool and the back of my mind was telling me, “Oh snap! This is scary,” Well I did talked to him for a few minutes and since I didn’t really wanna hurt his feelings or anything, I tried my best to be nice though all I want to do at that point was to get out of the pool and run. So I told him that I’m from Sabah and then he started giving all the compliments on how pretty Sabahan girls are and how friendly Sabahan people too. Somehow I find his compliment rather fake. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Malay (I do have nice Malay friends) BUT that Malay dude just freaks me out. It’s not the first time I’ve been approached by guys like this. One time, back in Wanganui and it was during my summer holidays, I was taking some pictures near the District Library when suddenly an Indian guy came towards me and started asking questions and ended with asking my number. I lied to him saying that my cell phone just broke but he insisted that I have his number. I threw his number away as soon as I reached home. Then another time, I complimented this waiter who works in Sutera because he has a unique name. One of my cousin gave my number to him and he started calling me everyday. But I ignored his calls (at the same time, my cell phone’s battery was halfway kaput) and he never called anymore.

OMG, I don’t know lah. Maybe I am being paranoid but I just don’t feel comfortable when I’m in this situation. I also noticed their questions ARE always similar every single time. How old are you? Studying or working? Do you have a boyfriend? Oh man...I could not tolerate with these people lah. So, that dude did asked for my number and I actually told him that I don't give my number to random strangers. He totally ruined my ZEN laaa. Then he said "You ambik IC saya dan u fotokopi. Kalau I kacau u ker, u boleh pegi report polis," WTFFFFFFFFF? In the end, I just gave him my number so that I will be able to escape from any longer conversation. When I was having my dinner with my bro, he called but I of course ignored it completely.

Sigh...maybe that dude just wanted to be friends and he probably has a good intentions but because I trust my instinct, I doubt so haha. Dear GOD, please bring me Cristiano Ronaldo AMEN.BTW, MU lost. Not cool okay.

Work has been fine but getting busier everyday. Thank goodness Monday is over. Monday's morning class is THE most stressful one but I like the class cos the students are nice haha. Okay, going back to take my bath now. It is sad to say that, I don't think I can go to Sunburst KL. I am seriously heartbroken.


cs said...

Seriously, you have to learn how to protect yourself. I know you are a nice person but sometimes being nice doesn't pay. If you feel you have to turn and run, then do so. Being rude is better than getting assaulted.

On a different note, I'm glad to hear that you are starting to enjoy your work.

By the way, I don't think Cristiano Ronaldo is going to materialise here anytime soon. But I suppose it doesn't hurt to wish really hard for it to happen right? :)

Sean E said...

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elfiejane said...

that malay dude is SO freakyyy!

why arent u going to sunburst? :(