Friday, March 14, 2008

To go or not to go...

TGIF. Well, I know tomorrow’s the big music festival BUT I don’t know if I am able to go or not though my heart is screaming at me saying that I should go because I seriously want to see Incubus for the second time and also John Legend plus all the other performers. The are actually several reasons why I don’t think I’m able to go:

1. I’ve got a class tomorrow but that’s not really a big deal,
2. The ticket, which cost RM200. Okay I can sacrifice my personal savings BUT
I’ve got to think about my living espenses here. I needed the money to pay up the rent+bills. Plus I am saving up for next month’s PC Fair as I am in need of a notebook. So money is kinda crucial for me at this moment.
3. Transport. Well, as the festival ends at 2.00am, I’m not really sure how am I suppose to go home at that odd hour. Taxi fare would be darn expensive and taxi drivers these days refused using meters anymore.
4. Company. I’ve asked Jesse if she’s interested in going and she did netioned to me that she would love to go to but right now since she’s in her final sem, she has heaps of things to do in Uni and I wouldn’t want to menyusahkan her to come down all the way from Nilai and rush to Mont Kiara.

Soooooo…I dunno lah. I know it will be VERY heartbreaking if I don’t go but I can’t be selfish and I need to be considerate on all the other things. Sigh. In dilemma now. If only I could be like Hayden Cristensen in Jumper then problem solved. You know last night, I had a dream that Sunburst KL was held outside St.Michael’s church in Penampang and I met Rich of Estranged and asked him where can I buy their t-shirts. Huh, what a dream.

I’m trying to get myself distracted so I won’t be thinking too much about tomorrow. I think I’ve got too much stuffs on my mind these days. A student texted me to ask if he can meet me to pass up his assignment and I got mistaken from his text thinking that he was my previous boss in KK. (They share the same name btw) Oh man…this is not good. Talking about text msg, freaky malay dude texted me again on Wednesday asking if I’m going for a swim. Hmm…still won’t give up huh?

Anyways, I went to watch a movie after work last night with Shien, Hak Hong and Li Wen. Watched Ah Long Pte Ltd, the Singaporean movie. Very entertaining and funny! I laughed on most of the scences though there are some parts that I couldn’t really understand. Had to read the subtitles BUT the mandarin was easy to understand la. Okay, I should continue grading students’ assignments now…er actually it is already lunch time! On the other note, I was invited to Laundry Bar tonight to watch a performance by this singer. Guess who? I have a bubbly friend in college. Nah, that’s your clue haha.

P/S: Today marks my first month working as a tutor. time flies and it's Taylor Hanson's birthday!

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