Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yet another Sunday...

Was meaning to blog yesterday and hopefully insert some backdated pictures but I was too caught up grading students' projects and lost track of time. By the time the lights went off in the college, it was already 6pm. I usually work half day on Saturdays but because of all the never ending grading that I need to do...I had to stay in after working hours. But much to my dismay, I still couldn't finish grading all the projects. It's not because I am slow or anything but the grading does take time because not only I have to grade the hard copy that they have submitted but I also need to grade their submitted soft copy (CD format), which means I have to open the CD one by one and check EVERY single detail of their work. So yeah, it has been a pretty tiring week. Once I reached home, sleep is all I could think about.

Well, the past few days hasn't been a productive one too. I think I am dealing with depression again; which sucks big time but I'm fine as long as I don't think about it 24/7. All these questions have clouded into my mind and I hate it when it happens. Plus I suddenly miss NZ all over again. Feels like I don't really belong to where I am right now. So many uncertainties in life. Sigh.

Let's just hope a brand new month will turn out to be a good one for me lah. If MU's EPL match was on earlier last night I would've gone down to watch it but it started late so i didn't get the chance to watch it. Anyho, checked soccernet today and read that the team won 4-0 against Aston Villa. they're back on top of the league and hopefully will still be till the season ends. =) Guess that's it for now. Will go back and continue reading. Hope you guys had a great weekend. Will blog more and I really should post all the backdated pictures la.

Watch this vid. I think it's cute ;)


JNS said...

well, it can be understood specially when u have to grade the students project in softcopy... it is tiring.. specially the eye..

can be said that in a day.. actually we are only spending 20% of our time doing things right.. (really concentrate on the marking)the other 80% is not productive at all..


good luck! don forget to smile. Life is beautiful.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

jns...yeap. totally agree with you. 20% for grading and 80%, my mind was thinking about food, home, clothes, shoes...unrelevant stuffs haha.

anyway, thanks. don't forget to smile too :)