Saturday, April 26, 2008

Accident prone for life

I've got a good news and a bad news. Good news is...I don't need to go to work today cos I got an MC from the doctor. The bad news is...well, I twisted my right ankle. See proof below:

Yeap, and this is not the first time I've twisted my ankle. I've twisted my ankle so many times ever since I was still in primary school. It happened on Wednesday night when I was about to go home from work. I reached the main door and tagged out but little did I know I missed two steps of the stairs so BAM! I fell down and twisted my ankle. The pain was sooooooo unbearable, I almost shed a tear. Luckily the guard saw me and offered help. He gave me a chair so I could sit and calm myself down. The next day, my ankle was swollen and I really had a hard time to even reach the office in the morning. Had to take a cab cos I can't walk properly. Sigh...I dunno how could I be so clumsy lah. Maybe it was because I was on a meeting from 2pm till 8pm on Wednesday and my mind was so freaking tired. Then, when the meeting was over, all I could think about it going home and sleep. I guess that's how I got to miss two steps of the stairs...too many things going through my mind. 

This would be hard for me to even go anywhere! I found out there is a book warehouse sales currently going on in 3K Inn Hotel, Subang starting from yesterday till Sunday and I really wanna go but looking at my condition now, I'm not even sure if I am able to make it. BUT for the love of books, I shall try my best to find a way to go and cross my fingers and hope that with the rest I am able to get today, my twisted ankle might not be as bad as yesterday.

April seems to be a month for people to leave. First it was Hak Hong, then Li Shien and then today it was Sharon and also Jesse! I met her briefly when she came over to the college to pass me some stuffs and to say goodbye. She's flying back to KK today as she's done with college! Gonna miss you lah Jess. But hope to see you soon and I hope I can attend your graduation day in July aight. People always leave...but that's just life. Time for bed now. Nite!


jns said...

halo V.. Get well soon.. yah.. once its twisted,the probability to get twisted is easy. Hopefully u can go to the book fair oo.. yea agree, everyone is leaving.. i cant even go back to sarawak.. haih.. i wanna go back but my family keep on coming to kl pulak...

take care aight..

craziesexacool said...

I know m l8.. but.. Get well soon!!! ;)

Vivien Dumpangol said...

jns: thanks for the wish...hehe...yeah, i wanna go back sabah too. miss my family and friends there.

gayle: thank you :)