Wednesday, April 23, 2008

All tied up

There seems to be so many things that I wanna write about like how painfully hard for me to survive living in the West that I had to ask my mum to lend me some cash or how sometimes I should really learn how to speak/stand for myself or like how I wish I am able to make a damn good decision first before jumping into conclusions and even like how I wish I could be a kick ass designer and live a good life. Then, I also wanna talk about Earth Day and the little things I do to save the earth plus my new teaching/tutoring schedule for next term. 

BUT...I am just way too tired to even write something long now. Went to work on Monday and realized I got 18574636 things to do not forgetting all the calculations; I now feel like an accountant. So please bear with me only for today. Life hasn't been treating me good lately BUT I'm not depressed...yet. Will be much better soon ;)

Was friendster hopping a while ago and I found this! My junior Kiyoko (left) uploaded this picture on her FS and this was taken during my degree exhibition which reminds me there are actually quite a number of NZ photos that I haven't got the chance to post yet. Anyways, miss my long hair, don't fancy my square face. Cheers.
Kiyoko, me, Joe

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