Thursday, April 10, 2008

For the love of music

Watched this heart warming and beautiful movie two nights ago, thanks to HH for lending me the DVD. If you're a music lover, then I shall recommend you to watch it. AND not forgetting Jonathan Rhys Meyers! Le Sigh.

I accidently deleted the 'Confusionisme' post la. MU vs ROMA right now. Dang it's freaking 3.30am and I am still awake. I am gonna have a big trouble waking up later.


simone said...

YES! YES! I agree. It is a MUST watch movie for music lovers. I didn't know Jonathan Rhys Meyers could sing? Damn he's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

hi vivien, i know this is totally irrelevant, but have u got any updates on wan's case? i havent bumped into jay in a while, and am really curious. dreamt of wan again, a couple of weeks ago.