Saturday, April 05, 2008

KL City here I come

A quick one.

I am gonna have a helluva day today because I'll be heading down to KL finally, after 2 months here to meet Jesse and we're gonna go to Low Yatt. I'll see if I can get some *cough* cheap dvds there hehe. Then I'll be going to Zouk for clubbing! NOt. Actually, gonna go there tonight for Re-Imagining The City event. D-Fuse is gonna do some audio visual performance there soooo hopefully it'll be good if not then it'll be a waste of time heh. I think I'll only be home by midnight.

Off to class now. See ya!


jns said...

Well.. guess u're having fun there huh..aramaiti :) it's nice to enjoy once a while.. life is beautiful.. and we are the one who gonna make it beautiful.. sometimes, i just wish i could finish my master fast.. and working..earn money and enjoy.. haha.. suppose to be leaving comments but end up tellin my story.

Live Life to the Max "Cite: Flyfm " haha

Vivien Dumpangol said...

jns: yeah...did had a good time though it was very tiring spending the whole day in kl. summore it was during the weekend! everywhere is packed with ppl! oh, you're taking ur master? that's cool! anyway, all the best yea.