Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lenient no more...

I love the weekends. Seriously. My Saturday was fine. Didn’t have class but the students had to pass up their Design 2 Workshop final projects that day. You know what? I came to realize that I cannot be way to lenient with the students anymore. If you’re wrong, then you’re wrong. End of story. A student came to see me yesterday morning asking me whether she can pass up her final project on Monday because according to her she made a mistake on her final project. So I told her if she wants to pass her project on Monday I have no choice but to minus some of the marks lah. And then she gave me all these excuses saying that she have done her work, she doesn’t really know what to do, she had drama class thus she couldn’t make it to Design 2 class for 3 freaking weeks, bla bla and bla.

Honestly I was really angry with her because IF she doesn’t know what to do on her final project why can’t she make an effort to meet me during the weeks? Even if she couldn’t make it to class she should’ve took the initiative to see me and I would be glad to help her in any way even if it requires me to speak broken Mandarin with her. But instead she chose to show up during the submission day and started telling me all these grandmother stories. How am I supposed to help her now?

I REALLY want to be a good tutor you know. Just like in GTO but seriously, I cannot tolerate with students with this sort of attitude. Like I’ve mentioned, if you’re wrong, then you’re wrong. That’s it and students need to stop asking for pity from their lecturers/tutors. For example: If the deadline of your final project is at 10am, then make sure you submit your project right on time. I encountered some students who passed up their projects after the time given and when I told them it’s already passed the time, they were like “Huhhh…need to minus mark meh? Late a little bit only mah…don’t minus my mark lah,” (insert sad icon here)

If I become too lenient with the students, then it wouldn’t be fair to the other students who did pass up their projects/assignments on time right? Well, I don’t want the students to hate me after I type this (not sure if they know about my blog) but sometimes having students like this can really make your day become…worst. Get what I mean? Anyways, happy thoughts…happy thoughts…

I stayed in the college till 4pm cos I had to continue grading assignments. During one of the hour in the office, Li Shien told me that Sky (our college friend) is here. It feels so good to be able to meet up a college friend after soooooo long. Well, I’m not exactly that close with him but still, it’s good to see him lah. Met up with Ivan in Pyramid after that. Had my early dinner in Kim Gary and then we just walked and walked around Pyramid just to kill time. I met Ivan’s sisters for the first time and it was…weird and awkward cos one of his sister was looking at me from top to bottom and I was thinking, “Oh crap, this is so gonna be yet another awkward situation again,” I don’t like meeting new people, oh wait let me rephrase that…I don’t mind meeting new people BUT I’m just naturally not good with people especially someone whom I just met. I don’t even know what to do or what to say. Sigh…there goes my PR skills lah.

Going to test my social/PR skills again later when I go and watch The Devils vs The Gunners. One of my students invited me to join him and his classmates to watch the match tonight. Yeah, I hang out with my students now. Pfft. Well, gotta go and see The Devils kick some ass! Anyone read the papers today? C. Ronaldo will sign a deal to be the highest paid footballer in England. Just 23 and already a freaking millionaire! Okay, bye!


elfiejane said...

yeah i agree, just stick to your guns.

oh eh, you know James Lee? the filmmaker? the other day he told me he lectures at sunway.

Vivien Dumpangol said... not really sure if he lectures in the one academy...he might be lecturing for the multimedia students. i'll find it out :)