Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Motion sickness

I have morning sickness today...NO, I'm not pregnant or anything like that but today my entire body doesn't feel good. My throat, my head...not sure why but I woke up today sweating and the sun have not even fully risen yet. Then, yesterday it was the attack of the migraine. I don't know what is happening but I am blaming this on the super unpredictable weather the past few weeks. I am done with 3 of the classes I am tutoring! Design 1 Lecture, Design 1 Workshop and also CGPP. All the students have submitted their final projects, which means there are only 3 more classes left. The students will be on semester break in less than two weeks BUT, it'll be a torture for the lecturers and tutors to do all the gradings, artwork compilations, etc.

Last night Ken was kind enough to treat Ivan and me for dinner in KJ cos he told us that he just got his bonus. Nice! So I jokingly asked him to transfer some money into my bank account and he told me to kill some people for him first. LOL. Yes, remember he named me The Cold Blood Killer back in college? I still have no idea why. Anyways, thanks for the treat :) Thought of staying late in the office tonight but due to me not feeling too well, I shall go home soon and take a good rest. Hope I'll be better tomorrow cos I've got tons of stuff to do here!

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