Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sun and Day

If you're staying in Sabah, you might probably know about Miss Sabah 2008 right? Anyways, Merl called me last night while I was having my super late dinner (it was already midnight) and told me that Audrey was the second runner up for Miss Sabah 2008! Wohoo...really proud of her :) 

Audrey has been featured in my blog numerous times because when I was still in Penampang, we hung out a almost everyday and we sometimes ended up watching Malay dramas (like Manjalara or Puteri) on TV when we're not doing anything. Plus she lives just right next door to me so she's always included in most of the outings in KK.

I went online to look for pictures of her during the Miss Sabah 2008 Finals and I found this blog! So credits to Benny Liew for the pictures :)

According to Benny, he said that Audrey gave the best expression to the camera. You know why? It's cos she learned it from American's Next Top Model of course haha.

Congrats again! The winner looks pretty too.

After days of not having enough sleep, I finally was able to have a good sleep last night. Things has been really busy in the college. I had to stay and work OT on Monday and Tuesday, then had to travel to KL for two days for the Adobe Forum and you know how travelling to KL on a working day can be a real pain in the ass right? The traffic jam is unbearable, I am now so thankful that my workplace is in PJ. At least it is not as congested as KL. I had to take the LRT back to Sunway on Thursday and I tell you the line was sooo long, it's crazy! 

Term break has officially started and I'm wishing all the students happy holidays! You guys need it after all the sleepless nights. My students who came from KK said they'll be going back home next I wish I could join them but I had to work. Oh well...hope I will have some spare time to do my own things. I recently collected a lot of unwanted papers and materials to draw on thanks to Hak Hong and Li Shien so I'm looking forward to spill my creativity and improve my drawing skills la. I'm thinking whether I should go to the cinema today. Wanted to watch The Tattoist (Jason Behr!) or Street Kings or even Escape From Huang Shi (Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in the movie). Went to watched Definitely, Maybe last week and I enjoyed it :) Okay, time to do my laundry. Have a greaaaat Sunday. *crosses fingers and hope it won't rain today*

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fie the elf said...

congrats to her, even though i dont hold a very high opinion on beauty pageants XD