Monday, May 19, 2008

When life gets boring...

Oh man...I've been such a slacker. I know I could do so much during the public holiday yesterday but I ended up doing just...nothing. Totally wasted the entire public holiday. Wanted to blog but I knew I've got nothing to blog about like now.

Tomorrow is another working Tuesday timetable is kinda screwed lah. Like I have 5 classes to assist but the class time clashes with each other which means...I've got to run up and down again in between classes. Need to sort this out or else the entire semester will lead to be in a very screwed up position.

Well, nothing is new except that I am hoping I really could save up some money till the end of the month so that I can go to the Bookfest in KL Convention Centre to buy new books again :) :) Anyways, on Sunday I decided to do some painting.

Before you say anything, I KNOW the figure is super out of proportion. I drew it in less than half an hour and decided "Hey, let's try and put some colours!" The hair is way too big on the right, her neck look weird too. You know, part of the reason why I've been sad and depressed lately was because of this. Every time, I tell myself I need to improve my skills in art and design...I still can't. The other day, I showed Ken one of my drawings and asked his opinion, he said I failed. I know he's kidding la and I shouldn't take it seriously but c' least he should help by telling me which area to improve. This case happened before back when I was still in NZ. Langit (Sky) once told me and Aini that our illustrations are not good. That time he was actually courting our senior who was good in illustrations. I was seriously pissed that time, like I wanted to punch his face and kick is freaking ass but I didn't do it la of course. Okay, that aside...I am always fascinated with feminine drawing and that's the reason why I always love drawing woman.

Going back to the basic of watercolour painting. This one is unfinished yet la. Saw a food reference in Vogue Entertaining+Living magazine and decided to paint it in watercolour paper.

Okay, I need to find something else to do before I head to bed. Oh ya before that, my birthday wishes to Evelyn Chan and Joseph Abah who both celebrated their 24th Birthday on May 17th and big congrats to Alvira who got engaged last Sunday. Sorry can't make it Vir. Hope to see you when I'm back la k.

Yasmin Ahmad recently posted the youtube video of Charlie Bit My Finger on her blog and I just couldn't stop watching it eversince! Though I don't like kids (they annoy the shit out of me, but only some la actually) but that video is sooo adorable. Then I went to youtube to search for more funny and cute stuffs and I found this. A little girl saying the word "Whatever" with eyes and hand gestures as well. Cute!

There's two more that I found but will post it up in the next post la.


fie the elf said...

well i've always loved your illustrations!

Vivien Dumpangol said...

*hugs* i'll try to finish the second piece soon :)