Saturday, May 03, 2008

Closer to the champs

ManU vs West Ham EPL match was just over about an hour ago. Didn't watch it cos I was still asleep when the match started then I woke up 15 minutes before 9pm and went online to LiveScore to get the latest update. The result was already MU 3 and West Ham 1. C. Ronaldo scored 2 goals whic means he has scored 30 goals throughout the  EPL season. Sweeeeeet! Shall wait for the midnight news later la :) One more match to go before the season ends so I'm crossing my fingers real hard and hope they'll be this year's champions again though I can't really be one hundred percent sure they'll win cos you know how Chelsea tiba-tiba so kuat now right? Few minutes later, Michael Carrick scored another goal! So final result is MU 4 West Ham 1

The after-match (picture taken from

Eh, I was actually holding the exact shoes that C. Ronaldo was wearing when I was in the Nike Shop (Pyramid) with Ivan in the evening heh. 

Was pretty bored at work this morning cos there wasn't much things to do since I've pretty much finished with all the tasks that I was supposed to do. One more week left before the new term commence and I honestly am not sure what to expect with all the new students. I hung around in Pyramid after work...was window shopping and...I saw this really nice blouse (grey in colour) that I totally love! Very Gossip Girl-ish kind of blouse but the price's RM50 and it is considered very expensive to me cos I usually buy tops/blouse that cost less than RM50. (I'm very cheap skate bah haha) If I was an impulse buyer I would've purchased the blouse but luckily I was able to calm down and told myself to consider about it. Like I told you, it's not easy to survive here... with all the stuffs that you can't resist to buy like books, clothes, accessories, etc. Makes your life harder hehe. BUTTTTT I am determind to save my moolah so as long as I can resist all the temptations, I should be fine.

Ivan came over to Pyramid then we went to Kim Gary for our late lunch. Stayed in the restaurant for about two hours cos we were talking and talking and also were laughing during some of our conversations. I think it is part of my routine now to meet him once or twice a week just to update each other with our lives (Ivan has a more interesting life than me btw haha) much as I like being around him, sometimes I wished I could talk more stuffs with him, you know instead of the general stuffs that we always talk about. There are times that I wish I could just tell him the things that is going through my mind.. like how do I really feel about my work, my depression, personal problems...But I don't know whether he would even listen to all these un-interesting stuffs. Sigh. 

Anyways, I bought some art materials today cos I suddenly was inspired to paint. Will probably start doing it tomorrow or whenever I'm free. Still thinking if I should go to the Neue Format Design Mart organised by +wondermilk tomorrow. Looks like fun but I don't really know how to go to Uptown lah. 

Well, hope everyone will have a good Sunday! 


Yinsi Yat said...

Arsenal will be back stronger next season. Arsenal Bolih!!!

I'm Arsenal Fansi ma.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

hahaha....bah, let's see how far they can go in the next season la....ggmu!!!

design for mankind. said...

Your blog is such fun! :)

Vivien Dumpangol said...

design for mankind: thank you! wow...thanks for the comment. i love your blog! hehe.