Thursday, May 15, 2008

I miss dumpling

I read this article from The Star paper today. Click here. The title of the article is called Sabah for Sabahans and here is a snippet of it.

"But what does it mean to be a Sabahan when two-thirds of the population are illegals? If the BN government does not want the situation to be hijacked by the Opposition, this is the first thing it must address – bring back what matters most to Sabah, our land.

The illegal migrant situation has become so bad that we already have a second, if not third generation of Filipinos and Indonesians born in Sabah."

So you think the BN government will take any action regarding on the pilaks illegal immigrants? Hmm...

Well, sorry again for not being able to update. I've been wanting to write but I've been dealing with some drama in life and one of it was with a student who failed a subject last term. I don't know...I just have this guilty feeling knowing that she had to re-take the same subject in order to go for major year but then I've got to do the right thing so...can't help her that much with this la. I just hope that she'll ace the subject this time. 

First week of the new term has been...okay I guess. Been doing a lot of multi-tasking and going here and there, up and down. Thank goodness weekend's almost here! Plus next Monday is a public holiday so will be able to sleep more haha. Did I tell you that I'll be teaching one class this term? Oh man, I seriously am worried since it is my first time and all. I've got no tutor so I had to handle the class all by myself! Plus the class that I am in charge of is Computer Graphic (i.e teaching the students Adobe Illustrator) No kidding man, I am worried. The official class starts next week so I've got one more week to get prepared. *crossing my fingers and hope everything will be fine*

Apart from all this...I've been good though to be honest, I kinda hate how life is treating me at this moment (here I go being all depressed again) but I still need to live it with whether I like it or not. It sucks when everything that you do or try to do just doesn't seem right and therefore it leads you to be so un-motivated to live life. Get what I mean? 

Well, I'm quite lazy to write more now so I'll be back during the weekends la. Hopefully with more things to write :) Here are some random pictures:

I bought an art eraser or putty rubber few weeks ago from the art shop behind the college. I was bored in the office today so I decided to make...

A dumpling! (haha...lame) Which reminds me, I miss eating dumplings in Penampang :( The man in the picture is Stefan Sagmeister (he's an awesome designer) and I guess he doesn't look pleased with my dumpling.

I was in Speedy Video (Pyramid) last Saturday while waiting for Ivan to come over for lunch and I saw this two dvds that I WANT!!! It cost RM40 each and anyone who wants to buy me an early birthday/christmas gift, you are welcome to do so and I will definitely love you forever after that! Haha. Yeah, I really want it.


fie the elf said...

hey im planning to go back to kl this sept, and then we go kai kai and have tons of fun!! no more sedih sedih then ;)

Vivien Dumpangol said...

okay! looking forward to it. thanks again elfie ;)