Thursday, May 29, 2008

I want a holiday too!

Two more days till the weekend! Time is moving so fast and it is already the 3rd week of the new term. Will definitely get busier in the time to come. The Kadazans are gonna celebrate Kaamatan tomorrow and I know they're gonna have a superb celebration since Sabah got 3 days of public holidays starting tomorrow! At time like this, I really wish I am back home :(

I am in the midst of preparing my notes for Saturday's class. I kept staring at the class assignment thinking whether I am able to do the assignment or not. But I've been practising on it since Tuesday so I *think* by now, I should be able to demo it to the class without making any mistakes. Even if I DID make a mistake, I hope the students won't notice it la heh.

Anyways, I had lunch with Tammie (my college mate) in Kim Gary today. It was actually her last day of work in the college and today, I've got the chance to hang out with her. She has been working as a lecturer for about 3 years now? And finally she has decided to go back to work in the industry. She's an animator FYI. Ahhh...everyone's leaving again? Tammie is the one and only friend from college who's currently working with me after Li Shien and HH left for Bangkok and now...she's leaving. And here I am all alone. Urggh...hate this feeling. But I know la, life has to go on. All the best to you Tammie :)

Not much interesting stuffs going on this week BUT you know what, I've been feeling positive for the past few days! As busy as I am now, I didn't even feel like complaining or even throw a tantrum about it so...YAY! Thank you for wishing me luck. You know who you are! *HUGS* I'd better continue writing up my notes now. Wishing all the Sabahans, Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan and happy holidays!

By the way, my Mac in the office has upgraded to eMac (G4). It's waaaaay better than the old Mac cos now this eMac can run CS3. But I still wish I can use a G5 though ;)

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