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Here's wishing all the mums a very Happy Mother's Day! Won't be able to celebrate Mother's Day with my mum this year...oh well, just wanted to tell my mum thank you again for everything. I don't even know how can I re-pay you. Love you always. Hope all of you will treat your mum something special today :)

I've had a tiring week and it's all because of the lack of sleep that I get these few days. Haven't been able to sleep early that sometimes I ended up sleeping around 4am. Am I having insomnia? I'm worried about this cos next week is a brand new term and I need to get proper sleep so that I will be productive when I am in class. Why la I always end up having so many things in my head? Sigh. I'm so tired of thinking man.

Well, let's move on...on Friday, I was in Mid Valley the entire day because I was on duty to be the 'counselor' for the CG & Digital Art Convention+Exhibition organized by the college. My job was pretty easy cos all I had to do was to be on a standby mode just in case there are people who needs to ask more about the courses that the college is offering. So most of the time, I just stood in one corner with my partner of the day LW and waited for people to come and ask. Then when I was feeling really cold, I'll walk around to exhibition hall and stop by to meet the students for a little chat. I've been reading this art+design+inspiration blog called Design For Mankind religiously since I've found out about it not too long ago. One thing that I love reading in this blog is The Dailies where different artist or designer is invited to write about how they spend their day. Interesting and very inspiring.

Anyways, I wanted to do my very own version of it cos I think it's fun heh. So I am presenting you A Day In A Daily Life: Vivien's Version-lah. Here I am going to write about how I spend my Friday (the day I was on duty in Mid Valley)

Friday (9th May 2008)

9.30am: Woke up and thought, "Oh crap! I'm so gonna be late!" I had to be in Mid Valley at 11am. Was supposed to wake up earlier but I continued sleeping after switching off the alarm. So did the usual morning routine: Brush teeth, gargle my mouth with plax, shower, change clothes, etc.

9.55am: Started my journey to the bus stand. I'm walking to the bus stand by the way.

10.15am: Reached the bus stand and guess what? If I was a few seconds early, I would've caught the bus! First picture is to show you that I have to pass by this mini dumpster everyday when I walk to work. Not a very good sight right? Second picture is the view of Sunway Pyramid's new wing and the highway.

Music and book. Two very essential things I need when taking the public transport. I recently bought one of Nicholas Sparks' novel, called The Choice. MPH was having an offer in conjuction with World Book Day and I got 20% off for this book. Still halfway finishing it.

10.45am: Finally the bus is here! Took me half an hour to wait! I know for now I am surely gonna be late. But thank goodness the traffic was okay that day.

11.10: Reached Mid Valley and quickly went down to Metro Jaya to buy a donut for breakfast. 

The CG & Digital Art Convention+Exhibition started since Thursday. There were quite a lot of people already when I reached the exhibition hall. Today's the last day so if you're in Mid Valley today, do pay a visit to the exhibition.

Caricature drawing service by the graduation batch and also you can try out to do life drawing in one of the booth. 

Some of the artworks displayed in the exhibition. I wanna learn digital painting! Must! Must!Must! Love the Jimi Hendrix piece and the last two artworks are done with Prisma Markers. Miss using markers too.

Fashion Illustration! *heart* Not sure if I am allowed to take pictures of the artworks but these were drawn by Lisa Lee whose currently an illustrator lecturer in the college.

Visitors can sign up for a free digital painting workshop too.

12.05pm: Lunch time! LW and I went to the food court for lunch. Had chicken bbq noodles which was just okay for me. The bbq sauce was kinda salty and the wun ton in the soup doesn't taste nice. Left my d-cam in the bag so did not managed to take any pictures of my food.

1.00pm: Back to work! I managed to give counselling to two people, both are interested to pursue their studies in the college :) It gets pretty boring as the time goes by. So I walked around and talked with some of the students who were on the duty also at the same do some people-watching.

4.00pm: I need a breather! On my way to the washroom, I passed by the Nike shop and saw this :)

Nice typo. 

On the way back to the hall, saw CR's poster again hehe.

5.00pm: Getting sleeply and tired. LW bought an  iced coffee in San Franciso and I wanted one as well. So I went down to Coffee Bean to get myself a hot chocolate. It was actually my first time buying hot chocolate in Coffee Bean and it tasted gooooood. Honestly, I think it tasted better than Starbucks.

Made a quick stop to MPH just to smell the books inside. I love the MPH in Mid Valley cos it's big!

Next book to buy. Thanks For The Memories by Cecilia Ahern but it cost RM70! 

5.30pm: Attended the digital painting workshop for a while and I met Zhang Bin@Benjamin the famous comic artist from China. He has a lot of really cool artworks. Love it. Don't know what to do with my square face -_- 

6.30pm: Went to Oasis for dinner. Ordered nasi campur in one of the Malay stalls there. Food was just okay. Nothing special. While having my dinner, I saw Raden with her other half! So glad to meet her after all this while :)

7.15: After dinner, LW and I walked around the shopping mall for window shopping. LW wanted to get a pair of skinny jeans in top shop but unfortunately the size that he wanted wasn't available hehe. Wished I could wear skinny jeans too but my hips are too wide and my thighs are just...sigh. I wonder how Beyonce can look good in a pair of skinny jeans. 

8.00pm: Back to the exhibition hall. We've got one hour to go before we can head home. 

9.30pm: Time to go home! Man, I was seriously tired by now. 

10.00pm: Finally reached home. Switched on the telly and Simple Life was on. Decided to lay on my bed for a while but fell asleep...

11.30pm: Woke up and American Idol result was already on. I realized I've got 3 missed calls and a text message from Ivan. He was asking whether I wanted to go for a drink. Well, at this point I really feel like having a teh tarik so I called him ask him to pick me up. We went over to KJ to meet Ken and had our late night drinks in the usual place, Kayu. 

2.00am: Reached home and I KNEW I can't sleep so had to stay up another hour before I gave up and switched off the lights.

So there you are. I know my day is not THAT interesting lah. Well, will try to do this again some other time. I should really go to bed right now or else I can't wake up to go to church. But Shrek 2 is currently on TV3...well, need to savour my last Sunday before the new term begins tomorrow! Blog more later.

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