Friday, May 09, 2008


Blogging will resume...err soon. Been figuring out some html coding on this blog but turns out I kinda screwed things up so had to choose this all clean and white template for the moment. 

Some of the reasons I haven't got the chance to blog is because...the past few days are pretty much f**ked up. I'm going through some depressions AGAIN! (omg, can't believe this is happening again and again), been busy preparing myself physically and mentally for the new term which will start REAL soon and I am hooked up with reading. So that's why la.

Will be in Mid Valley from 11am till 9pm today. Need to sleep like now. It's already close to 4am. GREAT. Will blog more soon.


Anonymous said...

Vien..did u receive my SMS?? Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend..i know u have bad days nowadays so be strong k..susah juga if far from home kan..i miss u :) bila u balik KK?

fie the elf said...


Vivien Dumpangol said...

fie the elf: thanks elfie! *hugs back*

vir: hi vir. wrote a comment on your blog. do check yeah.