Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tonight's the night!

I shall not complain on how messed up my day was yesterday or how I suddenly became the 'Xerox Lady' most of the day on yesterday as well. In fact, I shall take this as a lesson to help me to be a better organized person. What's important now is to get myself prepared on the first class that I am conducting this coming Saturday. Let the positive power be within MEEEEEE!!!

On the other note, Man United vs Chelsea in the Champions League final tonight! The match starts at 2am here soooo...I am not sure if I will get the chance to watch it but let's not put my hopes down yet cos mana la tau I will get the chance to watch it.

Moscow city...

Yeah...ggmu :)


Today is also the finale of American Idol. I can only watch it on 8tv tomorrow but anyways, GO David Cook! Heee...

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Gallivanter said...

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