Sunday, May 25, 2008

The week so far...

So...yesterday morning was my first time ever lecturing alone in front of some 30 students in the Multimedia Lab. It went pretty okay I guess though the students wasn't that responsive when I asked them questions. Most of the time they just nodded in everything I say. I tried making jokes just to sort of 'break the ice' in the class but well...I'm kinda known to always make lame jokes didn't really work out that well. Reis, new found friend/colleague sat in my class cos he said he wanted to see the way I lecture and you know what, I am actually glad that he was in the class! At least he did helped some of the students when they were experimenting with Adobe Illustrator. 

I'm not really sure how am I going to handle the entire class all alone. When it is time for the final project critique session which will start probably in about 3-4 weeks time, I think I might have a hard time BUT whatever it is...I gotta be optimistic all the way cos I REALLY wanna prove myself that I can do this....though I know 'the depression season' will come from time to time. Now, I what I need to do is spend more time to practice the weekly assignments so that I am able to demo it to the students without making any major mistakes. So pleassssseeeee wish me luck and I am also going to love you forever if you do so too. *winks* 
This week has been quite a fulfilling week. I kinda got a lot of inspirations while I was tutoring different classes plus the new batch of students had just started their classes today so it's nice to see a lot of new faces in the college. Of course this week was tiring as well especially on Tuesday (4 classes that clashes at the same time and it was utterly insane!) but was a good week. NOT FORGETTING...the football match on Thursday morning which I am glad that I did watch it even though I only managed to get about 2 hours of sleep before waking up to work the next day. Yes, Manchester United won the European Champs League beating Chelsea! WoHoooooo...

Actually, I've decided not to watch the match seeing that it's going to start real late but when I tired sleeping at 2am on Thursday morning, I just couldn't do so. Tossed and turned on my bed and in the end, I got up and decided, "Ah screw it la...I'm going down to watch football!" Mind you, I went down all alone and watched with random people at the Malay restaurant downstairs. I did asked Ivan if he wanted to watch it but he passed the invitation. And my bro, well...he has moved to stay in a house sooooo...didn't get the chance to meet him that often now. Anyways, there were A LOT of people when I arrived to the restaurant. C. Ronaldo scored the first goal during the first half of the match. I was already feeling so happy that time BUT I learnt not to be EXTREMELY happy over something and indeed, I was right cos Frank Lampard managed to score a goal for Chelsea right before the first half ended!

Well, to cut the long story short, both team did not managed to score the winning goal during the second half and the 30 minutes extra time so in the end, it was decided by the penalty kick. I think everyone including yours truly was so sure that C. Ronaldo will definitely score the penalty kick but turns out he missed it AGAIN. But can't really blame him la right? Watched his after match interview on youtube and he said that sometimes you score and sometimes you won't. People do make mistakes bah kan? During that time, I really thought MU will lose but tibab-tiba John Terry missed a goal too! Then, Nicholas Anelka missed the kick too. So...Man United won lah :) :) :)

Better luck next time, Chels! Looking forward for Euro 2008 in 2 weeks time! Forza Italia!

I am thinking of going to Ikea today but still not so sure yet cos I usually will feel super lazy on Sundays and all I wanna do is wonder never kurus. Sigh. Next week is already Kamaatan but no aramaiti for me here :(


ArMs said...

kesian si Cristiano... he's a top player but he did bad during the penalty shootout... no wonder his face like that;D anyway, Man U!

Vivien Dumpangol said...

haih.....itu tears of joy bah hahaa....sia rasa dia panik sudah sebab miss penalty last2 menang juga tu lah dia nangis tu hehe.