Sunday, June 22, 2008


My blog turned 5 yesterday :) Yes, how time flies...I don't really remember why did I wanted to start blogging.I remembered I was in Form 2  when I got to know the existence of having an online journal but back then, I didn't knew about Blogger. I think the most famous online journal I know at that time was LiveJournal. I did set up a blog via Diaryland when I was in high school but it has been abandoned cos I still very much prefer to keep a personal diary. Then when I entered college, I had to use the computer on most of my assignments and projects. I guess that's how I decided to start a blog since I'm like facing the PC almost 24/7 plus I wanted to update my family on my life being away from home. And how did my blog name came about? Well, Vien is the shorter name for Vivien, that's what my family used to call me and I thought it might be cool if I add a Z at the end of my name (what the hell was I thinking man?) So that's how came about! If I could turn back time, of course I would've chose a better blog name but...too late la. 

5 many things had happened. I'm not sure how long will I survive being in this blogsphere but hopefully I'll have another 5 more years or more cos I love blogging and documenting things that had happened in my life. Though my writing or stories are not as interesting as some of the other bloggers out there, but hey blogging is about being yourself right? Well, I hope I'm right happy birthday blog!

Anyways, it seems like ages since I last updated though I know it's only been a week. I've been totally drained out mostly because of work. From grading, tutoring, multi-tasking and not forgetting teaching...though I am only handling one class now but it has been mentally and physically challenging. I usually come back home and recall all the things that I've said to the students and find ways to improve my communication skills with 'em. Handling the generation Y people can be hard at times. *loooong sigh*

Despite being preoccupied with work, I did managed to catch two movies in the cinema. First one was Made Of Honour, all thanks to Ivan who got one extra free ticket and invited me to catch the movie on Tuesday night. But I had to be in a very weird and awkward place again cos I was in the cinema with Ivan's family. Even his dad was there plus his sister and bother. If I personally knew his family, then I won't feel awkward but since I don't know 'em and Ivan did not introduced me to his family, I felt so out of place. I tried not to make any big movement and tried my best to sit inside the cinema. 

Made Of Honour was a nice, entertaining movie. Typical chick flick cos you'll know what's the ending when you're just halfway through the movie. When I was watching it, I suddenly thought of you, Anne. I've no idea why but I think it's probably because some of the scenes just reminded me of you and some of the conversations we had not so long ago haha. So, I solely dedicate that movie to you :) And I really don't know if I am capable to be like Patrick Dempsey in the movie since I'm away from home and all that but do watch the Made Of Honour if you have time yeah?

I watched Hulk with my bro on Thursday night. Of course this version of Hulk is much better than Ang Lee's where Eric Bana was appointed to be Hulk. One thing I wish was that the green colour of Hulk's body would be as vibrant as the comic and not 'dirty green' like you see in the movie.

Moving on to football. Yes, I KNOW Portugal freaking lost to Germany. You non-Portugal supporters can laugh all you want but seriously, even if they couldn't make it to the semis, doesn't mean I'll stop rooting for them and like I've said in the chatbox, it is only fair for one to win and one to lose in a competition. If everyone wins, then it is not competition at all. You see, even Holland, the team where people thought would actually make it to the finals lost to Russia last night. 

So later in the morning, Italia will face Espana. Not sure who'll win this time around but I'll keep my fingers crossed for the Azzurris. All the football matches starts at 2.45am now, I'm not even sure whether I'll be able to wake myself up. Misti mau minum Power Root! LOL...I know, lame ass joke.

Okays, I am going for yamcha soon so I am gonna go and get ready. I borrowed a pen tablet from the college yesterday and spent my Saturday night and Sunday afternoon  doing a digital painting. No surprises of who I decided to draw on huh? Bear in mind I have ZERO knowledge in digital painting cos when I was doing this, it's like I'm taking the risk. Have not used CorelPaint before so this was done in Photoshop CS3. Of course this painting still have so many areas to improve especially the colours and lighting control. The lips and ear also needs some improvement. The first attempt turns out to be A-OK. Well, at least my weekend was well spent la :)

The result:


fie the elf said...

wow real nice!

Vivien Dumpangol said...

thanks:) my first attempt hehe...will do more soon.