Wednesday, June 25, 2008

After rain

Because it rained in the afternoon, today's photo of the day:
I *heart* flickr!

photo credit: emiquez65.

Haven't had that much sleep for the past three days. Work's been allright but tiring. Yesterday in particular was THE most tiring one. Been assessing student's 2nd project for Print Production class and I've been on a repeat mode from 9am straight to 4pm. It's a wonder on how I managed to survive the day with only eating a piece of Big Apple doughnut that was given by Geoffrey the night before.

Anyways, weekend is coming near...tomorrow would be the day where I need to prepare my notes and also practice for Saturday's class. BTW, anyone going for Urbanscapes this coming Saturday?

My dept is organising a field trip for Year 1 Semester 2 students to this year's Urbanscapes and I wanna go too! Just that I'm not really 100 percent sure if I could make it cos I've got class on Saturday but I would try my very best to go right after my class is finished. I recently found out that Estranged is gonna perform there plus so many other local acts like Mia Palencia, Kokokaina, Love Me Butch, Estrella...etc. Not forgetting lotsa other art+films to see! So, if you're free this Saturday, do go to Urbanscapes which is going to be held in KLPac. *crossing my fingers and hope I can make it :)*

I shall resume watching Gossip Girl on TV now. So till then, have a nice day. No Euro2008 talk cos I am just to lazy to talk about it. Italy lost bah...haih. 

P/S: Met Cedric today and had an impromptu dinner with him and later joined by Tiffany and Jean. Nice to see you again mate. We go yamcha again soon!

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maslight said...

OMG, i wish i could take photo like dat T_T isk~