Saturday, June 07, 2008

Bring it on!

Yesterday's The Sun greeted me with this news.

The question whether Cristiano Ronaldo will or will not move to Real Madrid has been in a lot of people's mind now. Seems like everyday I read the Sport news there's always something about this topic. In my honest opinion la, I wish he'll stay in Man United for a couple more years cos he has just proven to be a great footballer this season and I think he still got lots more to offer so maybe staying a couple of years in Man United will do no harm right? After all his contract with MU doesn't end till 2012. And yes, take David Beckham's advice Ronny. So we'll just have to wait and see.

That girl on the right is C. Ronaldo's current girlfriend named Nereida Gallardo *grrrrrrrr* (insert angry emoticon here) Quite hot la but still....*grrrrrrrr* haha.

The front page of The Sun...well, no surprises la right? The current most talked about topic, the rising of petrol price!

Well, I am not *deeply* affected on it since I walk to work but...I still do take the public transport and I still drive(sometimes) when I am back in Penampang so... how to survive? And sooner or later the price on consumer goods will increase as well. Sigh. Life is just getting harder and harder.

Anyway, can't blog much cos I need to get ready and head down to KL soon for some doodling action! Actually I'm going to The Annexe Gallery for the Out Of Line exhibition (thanks for the info Elfie!) plus I heard from LW that there's gonna be a doodling competition? So yeah, I'm gonna try my luck on this too. But since today's a public holiday, I need to prepare to embrace the crowd in KL! Oh's not like everyday I'm down in KL so I ain't complaining.

Euro 2008 starts today! There's a match between Portugal and Turkey tomorrow moring and I am definitely gonna watch it since I've got nothing to do on a Saturday night anyway. Okay, have a good weekend everyone :)

edit: I don't think I'll be able to watch the Portugal match cos TV3 and NTV7 is not airing it live (they'll only be showing the delayed match). The match starts at 2:45am so....probably won't be able to watch lah. Oh well...Switzerland vs Czech Republic it is!

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