Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Calling all angels

My aunt Bernedette from back home has requested me to inform the relatives (especially the Dumpangols) to pray for my aunt Anne Clark, who's currently in England right now. My mom called me last night and told me that my aunt had just discovered a tumor (somewhere in her body...sorry can't remember where and recently she fainted) so, I am asking all relatives and friends, just in case you stumbled upon to this blog to not forget to keep my aunt in your daily prayers. Thank you :)

ITALY VS HOLLAND now. Too bad Cannavaro is not playing :( Not sure if I can watch the entire match cos I need to be in the office early today to prepare for the CGPP's first project assessment.  It's definitely going to be a looooooong hard day and I definitely will be needing my caffeine fix later in the day. 

Okay, gotta go and cheer for Italia now. Will be back soon.

Edit: Van Nistelrooy scored the first goal for Holland!!! Though the commentator said it was an offside. This can't be! Buffon, you have to do your best!

Edit 2: Omg, second goal for Holland by Sneijder! I think I am jinxing this match la...should go to sleep soon. 

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