Sunday, June 29, 2008

Euro 2008 is coming to an end...

Which team do you think will win the Euro Cup tomorrow morning? Spain or Germany? Well, I'm not really sure but this time around, I'm going for Spain! what to do la...the other two teams that I'm supporting can't make it to the finals. The final match is gonna start at 2.45am on Monday morning. I think I am able to stay up for the match but I don't know whether I can wake up on time for work. Fyi, I've got class at 9.30am on Monday. So I'm taking a risk again for the love of football :)

So yesterday I went to Urbanscapes, the city's all day creative arts festival which was held in KLPac. The weather yesterday was EXTRA hot...I should've brought a cap and a sunglass! My sweat dropped non-stop and I my face turned pink cos seriously, it was so so hot! While waiting for the bus yesterday, I was thinking to myself how I wish I'm in NZ cos I know it's already winter there but winter time can be a pain as well. I guess this global warming thing is getting serious huh? So people, do your part to save the environment!

Okay, it took me about 2 hours to reach KLPac and since I've never been to that place before, as soon as I reached Sentul's LRT station, I got so confused and lost. According to Urbanscapes' website, a free shuttle bus is available once you've reached the Sentul's LRT station BUT I can't even find any sign that indicates where to wait for the shuttle bus. So I walked to the nearest bus station and waited again. Still no sign. My last option was to take the cab and luckily, I brought the map. I finally reached KLPac at 3.30pm. The door opens at noon but since I've got class in the morning, I was a few hours late la. Actually, there are so many things that I wanted to see but missed during the festival like the 24 hours KL Photo Exhibition, Flower In The Pocket movie, Wondermilk project plus some of the local performances la. I wished I could stay longer but since I don't want to take the public transport at night, I decided to follow LW and Candice back so that explains why I actually missed heaps of things during the event.

Then my point and shoot d-cam decided to screw itself...I don't know why but there seems to be a problem with the memory stick and once I've sort of solved it out, it was a little to late to take more pictures. Why la all these things happened to me during the event? I see so many people with a DSLR on their hands, made me actually want one but can't afford it :( Anyways, I love the marketplace cos they're selling lots of cool t-shirts, handmade accessories, stationaries, 2nd hand vintage clothes, etc...really wanted to buy some of it but I decided not to lah.

Now lemme show you some pictures...not that much pictures actually. Oh, I've finally got the chance to watch Estranged performing live after all this while of waiting to see 'em. I missed their performance when they were in KK cos I was away from home during that time but now I'm happy to say that I've seen them perform live :) yays!
This band came up before Estranged, they call themselves Dan Biang.

Estranged's turn to set up before the performance. Here you can only see Hanafi and Andy plus the new guitarist for Estranged or just a guest guitarist? I have no idea what's his name.

First song they performed was Yang Pernah, it's a new song from their upcoming second album which will be out in July, that's what Rich said lah.

I think this was taken during Velocity.

Andy the drummer. He's super semangat playing the drums man.

Hanafi. Oh, didn't managed to get Din's photo cos he's standing on the other side and it was pretty hard for me to capture him in action.

I was sitting on the grass while waiting for them to perform. Too lazy to walk cos it was just too hot!

After Estranged, Chrystal and I went to the Acoustic Livehouse to catch Mia Palencia BUT we couldn't even go inside cos it was crowded with people so I missed seeing Mia perform! Not forgetting Paolo Delfino cos according to LW and Candice, they said he was good as well.

The marketplace.

The last performance that I managed to catch watch KL Stompers. I'm impressed with their performance! Nice bah. Yeah, so that was all the photos that I managed to take while in Urbanscapes lah.

I left KLPac around 6pm and joined LW and Candice to Damansara. We went to Courts first to check out the guitar store called Bentley's music. At times like this, I wish I know a thing or two about guitars man cos I feel so out of place *again* when I was in the guitar shop. We had dinner in Ikea! Omg, I've been wanting to go to Ikea for weeks. Haven't been there for like 2 years? And finally got the chance to eat the famous Swedish meatballs with cranberry sauce again :) Two of our students joined us for dinner. How nice of em haha.

Purchases of the day (because I've got some extra savings)
Bought two sets of vintage postcards and one crafty thing from Wondermilk in Urbanscapes. LW said to me, "You're buying these instead of clothes?" Yeah, why not? I love the vintage postcards!!!

Bought this in Ikea. It's called Perler Beads.

It contains a lot of colourful beads where you can customize your own design using these templates and make it as a decoration, earrings, necklace, etc.

So I tried to make a strawberry but I failed cos the iron wasn't strong enough, I guess. But I will practice more so I can make Christmas ornaments and give it to all of you beautiful people out there!

Okays, time for me to go now. 2 hours and 45 minutes before Euro 2008 finals. What should I do to kill time?


Sandra said...

OMG!!! u are going to Urbanscape??!?! iM soo jeles areso lucky been there. I wish I was there. btw, u had a supercool blog. I enjoyed everytime I read it, keep up the good works ya...

Vivien Dumpangol said...

hi san! thanks for dropping by :)how are you? hehe...nvm, u can't go to urbanscapes but you've got the chance to go to rainforest!!! bah, u take care over there la. hope to meet you again someday. cheers!

fie the elf said...

we'll go to mia's gig when im back =)

Vivien Dumpangol said...