Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Thou shalt be generous

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I refer this to Elfie’s post because something similar happened to me too. It happened about two months ago when I took the bus from Kelana Jaya (KJ) back to Sunway. I went for the morning mass that day. Anyway when the bus arrived, I went in, paid for the ticket and took a sit immediately. Then there was this girl, probably around 20-22 years old who went inside the bus and gave the bus driver RM10 to pay for the ticket. Well in case you don’t know, RapidKL doesn’t use the ‘bus conductor’ service so you’ve gotta have the exact amount of money to buy the ticket. The fee from KJ to Sunway is RM1. Unfortunately for this girl, she doesn’t have any small change to pay for the ticket so she stood there trying to explain to the driver that she only has RM10.

Then she asked some of the passengers who came up behind her if they can lend her RM1 but the passengers ignored her completely! They paid for their tickets and just took a seat in the bus without wanting to help her. The bus driver was already quite pissed towards the girl telling her that “Takkan tak tau kena sediakan duit kecik…”

Sigh. I witnessed the entire thing and being the good Samaritan, AND since all the other people were so un-generous, I gave her RM1 so she could ride in the bus as well. Imagine if I did not help her at that moment. She might have missed the bus and who knows maybe she has to reach Sunway ASAP for an emergency or something. To those people who totally ignored her, I mean come on…she’s just asking you for RM1 not RM100 or RM1000. RM1 saja bah tu! And I hate the way the bus driver had treated her…maybe it was her first time taking RapidKL so she might not know the amount or the way she needs to pay for the tix. Why need to be so rude?

When we finally reached Sunway, the girl told me she has 60cents in her wallet and wanted to pay me but I refused telling her that it was not a BIG deal. Having her to say “thank you” to me has already made my day. So, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the pepatah melayu that goes “Buat baik, dibalas baik” right? Well, I guess my generosity was paid off cos few weeks later, I think it was on Mother’s Day, I was waiting for the bus but this time it is from Sunway to KJ. When the bus arrived and I was queuing up to go in, an old man probably about 70 years old came up to me and gave me his bus ticket! He told me to use it. I was pretty confused cos it was so sudden. But then I took it and thanked him. On that day, I’ve saved RM1 from buying the bus ticket. See? It’s like a blessing you know!

The reason why I wanted to share this story in my blog is because, sometimes it is NOT harmful to be generous. I mean if someone is short money, probably just 10cents or 50cents, it is not a harm to actually give that amount of money to that someone right? So that’s the morale of the story la heheh.

Pheww…so today was a really hectic day. As usual every Tuesday is like that for this semester. I don’t even know how did I am able manage to handle 4 classes in one time. I am Wonder Woman in the making heh. But as soon as the day is over and when I finally reach home from the hectic day, I felt oh- so- relieved! It’s like I am happy that I was able to go through the day even if I had to juggle 4 classes at the same time. Get what I mean? So here I am right now as promised, updating my blog and also chatting with Ivan on msn. Our conversation revolves around Pierce Brosnan and Robert Downey Jr. We were comparing who looks better and of course my vote goes to Mr. Downey ;) not because of Iron Man…well I’ve always think he is good looking ever since I saw him in Ally McBeal. Ivan on the other hand thinks otherwise.

Oh, last Saturday I’ve finally watched P.S I Love You (the movie!) After months of wanting to watch it, I’ve decided to get the *cough* pirated DVD of the movie ;) Well, since I’ve already read the book…of course I would say the book is better la. It has more ‘depth’ whereas the movie was just A-OK. To be honest, I didn’t really like Hillary Swank’s character as Holly in the movie. Somehow she is annoying? The Holly in the book wasn’t THAT annoying plus she has good relationship with Gerry (her husband) BUT, at least I’ve watched the movie already so I’m happy and AND AND…Gerard Butler is whoaaaa!

My Saturday’s class was fine too though there was a particular student who’s quite slow in catching up. When all the students were busy trying to finish their first class assignment, that particular student was so clueless and I had to keep checking up on her to see whether she was able to do the assignment or not. This is so not going to be easy for me but I shall do my best to help her out in the future assignments cos I know she's gonna have a hard time. 

Well, guess that’s it for now…not feeling sleepy yet but I know I should head to bed early. Oh, watched the season finale of Ugly Betty a while ago! Betty is so confused la haha. Can’t wait for the new season…or will there be any season 3? Pushing Daisies is gonna start airing next week! Sweet as ;) K babai.


fie the elf said...

i know right, the kl rapid bus drivers can be SO NASTY. like my FIRST time in kl, i was from pusat bandar damansara wanting to go to 1u and i asked the driver if it was the right bus, and he just grunted! like so pig.

Vivien Dumpangol said...

ya elfie, sometimes the drivers can be an ass. i've encountered a few fr rapidkl. sheesh...