Friday, June 13, 2008

Wake up call

I was meaning to blog but the past few days has been erm...tiring? Everytime I reach home and try to blog, I can't seem do it. I blame football haha. Anyways, life's been good so far. But these days I've no idea why I can't wake up early to work! Like today, I woke up at 9.45am and I've got a class at 9.30am. Seriously, I don't know what's wrong with me. Even if I did watched Euro, I usually still can wake up early the next day but these's been freaking hard to do so. Sigh. Well, I've got a 10am class tomorrow and it is the class that I am handling all alone so please...whatever it is, I NEED to wake up early tomorrow. *fingers crossed yeah?* 

Italy vs Romania at midnight and I am hoping that they'll gonna do their best. Losing out 3-0 to Holland was really disappointing; I mean if you're an Azzurri supporter as well then you'll know how I feel *sobs* But on the brighter note, Portugal won the match against Czech Republic :) Managed to watch it with Ivan on Wednesday night and it is always good to have a friend to watch a football match with. For me it was a satisfying match and also the fact that C. Ronaldo managed to score the second goal after several attempts but most of the time it was saved by Peter Cech (Czech's and also Chelsea's goalie) So yay for Portugal!

Last night I was in Kayu with Ivan and Ken to watch Germany vs Croatia. Well, I only managed to watch half or the match, we arrived kinda late and then most of the time I was distracted by a few heads in front of me not forgetting one particular guy, who kept adjusting his sitting position thus I wasn't able to focus the entire match. On the way home, I *think* Ivan accidently ran over a cat! I almost freaked out BUT according to Ivan, he said the cat managed to escape cos he looked at the side view mirror and saw the cat running away. If it's true then what was that loud 'thump' sound? I really hope Ivan's right...cos I still worry about the cat and Ivan, well he's more worried about his friend's car that he drove last night (a BMW!) 

Honestly, I hate seeing animals being ran over by a vechicle. I remembered there's one time when I followed Arnold to fetch Adrian in Limbanak from school, we saw a dog that was ran through by probably a van and the dog was jumping up and down with bloods coming out from its body trying to stay alive. I wish I did not see that! cos I can still clearly remember it in my head till now. So please people, drive safely and be alert if there's a dog/cat on the road.

Well, I've gotta go now but I'll leave you with some pictures of Out Of Line: Doodles & Dreamscapes exhibition taken at The Annexe last week. Really cool exhibition and it's gonna end this Sunday so if you got time, do go!

On the way to the bus stop, I saw this! The newly-weds are one the way for their kenduri/reception at the multi-purpose hall.

This is one of my not-so-beautiful doodle that I've submitted for the ball pen point competition.

I love the usage of material on this artwork. All recyclable stuffs.

This one is one of my fav. 

Simplicity in lines and shapes.

Some of the participants.

This is my most favourite artwork in the gallery.

The winner of the ball pen point competition. Nice right?

LW's piece was selected as the honourable mention.

Last but not least,

This was taken downstairs at the Gajah- Gajah gallery. Artworks done by Yusof Gajah.

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