Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend's over

Life's great when...

you're off from work and you finally can embrace the weekend.

Life's also great when you've got to spend one of your weekends with good ol' mates and just having a good time with each other's company. 

...and life is especially great for me when I stepped my foot into a bookstore and spent the entire day inside without thinking about work cos it's the weekend! *heart*

Okay, I know I don't make that much sense but the point is I had a great Saturday! Well, despite me having a real hard time handling the Saturday's morning class cos seriously,  I think God is really testing my patience but more about this in the future post. I met up with Ken and Ivan again after work and YES, I know they're like the only friends I hang out with makes me look like I don't even have that much friends around right? Well, of course I do have friends scattered around KL but I don't know, I guess it's because I've been friends with them since college and we hung out so often during that time and now we just continued hanging out. I did managed to meet up some college friends from time to time though.

The rest of the day was spent hanging with the two lads. We did some window shopping and also book browsing in Popular. Anyways, this came as a surprise for me too; Ken finally took up reading :) Haha...well, he was asked by his boss to read more books to get inspired cos his boss can see him as a potential-art-director-to-be. So I was really surprised when I spotted him squatting down browsing at Chinese Philosophical books in Popular. He ended up buying two books that day :) Really happy for him though he said he doubts he'll be able to finish up reading the books but I told him to not give up just yet.

We finally called it a day after spending probably almost two hours in Popular. We head over to KJ to send Ken home but made a stop to Kayu for another yamcha session. Then I spent rest of the night watching the telly. Oh, Las Vegas is like one of my current favourite show now :) So it was a well-spent Saturday, I think one of the best Saturday I had since I came over to KL.

Now it's Monday all over again...sigh. More work to do and need to find ways to help students too.

How was your weekend? Good? Bad? Boring?Fulfilling? Tell me!

I had this for dinner. Instant Mamee mee hoon mixed with Campbells instant mushroom+pasta soup in one bowl. I know la, very weird combination but it still tasted nice :) Got nothing to eat bah. I hope you guys had a better dinner than mine lah.

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