Sunday, July 06, 2008


I've no idea why the internet connection here is sooo slow...even logging in to blogger can take me about 15 minutes plus watching a video in youtube can be a pain too. Damn. 

Okay, after taking few days of blogging-break, I am finally back but with nothing really interesting to talk about cos my week has been shitty, well not the entire week but on some of the days where I got so pissed and angry over certain people; don't worry it's not my cousins or my girlfriends, just some college friends that I've not met for quite sometime. Seriously, what's with all this negative remarks about me working in the educational line? As if doing what I do is THE worst job that anyone could do. Damn you and your friggin' money-driven mind! Geez...I am still pissed thinking about it. *grrr*

ANYWAY, let's just forget about it and move on...

Hope it's still not to late to post this picture up.
Spain is the Euro 2008 champs! All thanks to Fernando Torres for scoring the winning goal for the team. I had a hard time trying to keep myself awake the next day since I was up till 5am. Then when I arrived to work, out of the sudden I was asked to attend a training organised by the college from 9am to 5pm. Omg, I tell you it seems like the worst 8 hours in my life. Even drinking two cups of coffee can't help me to stay awake. But it's all over now, so I could get my normal sleeping time back...though I doubt I will cos I still sleep at odd hours these days.

I've also been doing this the last few's beginning to be really addictive :)
I'm constructing a rabbit on this one and I gave it to LW since he's a bunny lover haha.

Pumpkin and watermelon that was constructed by yours truly and now it's pasted on the office's eMac. Got the reference from this link.

If you're around Sunway you might probably seen this billboard. The illustration was drawn by none other than my good friend Ken. Yeah, it's the mega sale now but I've got no $$ to buy anything.

Well, hope the brand new week will be a good one. Need to focus on work and the students more now since the semester break is less than a month away. Actually, I'm quite worried with the Certificate students (the ones where I teach 'em Computer Graphic) I've briefed them on their final project 2 weeks ago now I'm worried whether they can do it or not. Sigh. 

Oh, have you been reading/watched the news lately? The Anwar/Najib hoopla is making people bored already...why not get it over and done with man? It's like we're watching a stupid telenovela or something. The politics in our country is so screwed lah.

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