Monday, July 28, 2008

Blue effect

Today wasn't exactly the best day that I had. I decided to wear my summer skirt to work since it's been a while since I wore it but the most unfortunate thing happened. As expected my period came in the morning so, white coloured summer skirt plus period stain equals to... well, you know it lah. I could choose to just stay inside the office with the stain on my skirt but I felt super uncomfortable about it not forgetting the cramps had started attacking my stomach soooo I decided to head home and change. Costed me bloody RM14 from Pyramid to home and from home to Pyramid. SIGH. Before went back to the office I took a really short nap just to wait for the cramps to go away. Good gawd, only the girls would understand how painful it is to have the cramps. Dammit. 

Anyways, I'm pretty sure most of you might know that The Blues is going to have a match against Malaysia tomorrow. As much as I wanted to go, I can't cos number one, I don't even know how to go to Stadium Shah Alam. Number two, I've no friends to go with! and lastly, the match is going to be held tomorrow (a weekday). Though I am not a fan of the team but still, it'll be great if I get the chance to see some of the England players like Terry, Lampard and Cole in action. Not forgetting Ballack, Shevchenko!!!! and also the newly signed Deco! I watched the news today and the team were training in Seri Kembangan stadium. That's where Ken stays!

The Star featured 'em today.

Oh, and if I am staying in LA now, I definitely wouldn't want to miss seeing Mike Shinoda's (of LP) solo art exhibition currently on display at the Japanese American National Museum. I wanna go!!!! Salute him for his great talent in music, art and design. I wanna be like him! (if I can lah cos its not easy bah :P) More info + artworks here.

Even got a collaboration with Gary Baseman too!

So, how was your Monday? Ok? Not ok?


fie the elf said...

mike shinoda.. such a cutie..

Sandra said...

ala vien, rugi ko nda pigi tgk game Chelsea, kalo sa msh d rizuan mmg sa pigi tgk frank Lampard & Michael Ballack dr DEKAT (npkny tgk d TV sja la sa ni:(
jan lepas pluang pigi sja..dekat sja ba stadium Melawati tu.OMG Mike S. bt solo exhibition?!, bnyk sa tetinggal psl art dia ni..heehee..

Vivien Dumpangol said...

elfie: yeah really a cutie! hehe

san: kalo ko masih tinggal di ridzuan sudah sa bawa ko pigi sama sa ni hahaha. tu lah, teda kwn sa mo pigi. vernon pun sibuk kerja ni. apa boleh buat la...tgk di tv juga la ni hehe

Sandra said...

hehe..nda apa, len tahun kita pi tgk footie match (yg dr UK sja la)